14 Sep 2013

Moving On Up

So today's the day I leave Glasgow and head up to my new home city of Aberdeen. I've got a long and stressful day ahead but I'm so excited to be all settled in my new flat and make plenty of new friends. Back with you all as soon as possible, have a lovely weekend x


  1. what a beautiful photo! Good luck in your new flat on and your new adventures! xoxoxxo

  2. Good luck with the move Charlotte! Will maybe see you around the granite city! x

  3. Have fun! I'm sure you're going to have a blast it's a weird and sad experience leaving home for the first time, but after the first couple days I can almost guarantee you're going to love it... minus buying groceries and other adult duties. Try not to think about that!
    Take care!


  4. Lovely image Charlotte :) Good luck with your move and living in Aberdeen, are you going to RGU? I'm hoping to go there next year to study Fashion Management :)


  5. How exciting! I hope you settle in quickly. I love Aberdeen, such a fun city.


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