London Photo Diary

So, London. London was amazing, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. These are just a few of the hundreds of snaps I took whilst down in London town but I think they give a pretty good summary of the weekend. It was so much warmer than I expected it to be, how do Londoners cope?! We were actually really lucky with our weather and had an absolutely beautiful weekend but I naively packed for a Scottish September which is very different to a London September.

A quick(ish) rundown of the weekend:
Day 1 was mostly spent travelling but after arriving in our hotel around 3pm we freshened up and hit the town, first stop Oxford Street for a look around (aka sussing out my plan of action for shopping) before heading to Covent Garden & Trafalgar Square. After much debating we ended up in TGI Friday’s for dinner (as usual) then wandered towards M&M World which was crazy. Afterwards we ended up on the South side of the river at some strange pop up fairground/outdoor bar type thing and then walked along the river past the Eye & the Aquarium to our hotel.

On day 2 we headed for Camden, although some engineering works on the underground meant it took quite a while to get there. We spent the afternoon browsing all of the amazing markets then made our way to Brick Lane to visit the American Apparel factory outlet and the vintage markets. We had booked Madame Tussaud’s for the early evening however finished shopping earlier than expected so popped in to a Wetherspoon’s on Marylebone Road where I had the most disappointing nachos ever. Madame Tussaud’s was insane, we were so thankful that we had booked because we agreed it wouldn’t have been worth it if we’d had to wait in a queue in the sunshine for three hours. It was full of pretty rude tourists but I suppose we were tourists too. Afterwards we made a little detour to Baker Street to satisfy my Sherlock obsession before jumping back on the tube. That night we had cocktails & dinner at Planet Hollywood but my main meal was very disappointing – the cocktail and milkshake were yummy though! 

Day 3 was the main attraction – the Harry Potter studio tour. Spending the day wandering around the Great Hall and Diagon Alley has made me want a Harry Potter marathon. It was amazing seeing the exact set where they all filmed, as well as lots of little behind the scenes details – four cats played Crookshanks! I then proceeded to spent a fortune in the gift shop on pretty memorabilia before we headed back to the hotel for a rest. That evening we ate at Meat Liquor which was amazing, my boyfriend said the burger was probably the best he’s ever eaten and that boy has eaten a lot of burgers. I would happily eat there every week if I lived in London, the food was delicious and so cheap for the standard provided.

Our last day, day 4, was time for some serious shopping. After dropping our suitcases at Euston we headed to Oxford Street where I seriously hit the town. I was in heaven – the Topshop was crazy. At the end of our day our feet were killing so we decided to eat at a Garfunkel’s because we’d been seeing them absolutely everywhere. However, the meal was awful and it was just the start of the rubbish end to our amazing weekend 🙁 After the very disappointing meal we were off to catch our train home and everything was running according to schedule until we stopped outside of Preston, and didn’t get to move again for almost three hours. Due to faults with the overhead electrical wires in the Lancaster area (man, I heard that spiel so many times from the announcers) all electric trains were cancelled and so we were eventually put on to a diesel train and finally arrived home around two in the morning. Virgin were very well organised in planning our homeward journey by booking (and paying) for our taxi as well as providing a wee complimentary cup of tea which was kind of them – but I suppose to be expected. At the end of the day it wasn’t Virgin’s fault and it was more the situation that was annoying rather than them, luckily we’re eligible to claim for compensation for our full ticket price which will be handy for getting the train to and from university.

Okay, that ‘summary’ was much longer than I intended – kudos if you’ve made it this far. Today I’m off to Ikea to do the standard pre-uni shop which is pretty exciting, I love Ikea! If you’d like to see what I bought in London I posted a haul video on my YouTube channel last night which I would really appreciate if you checked out! <3