Life Lately – September

New jewellery & Enrapture Totem Styler (post on both coming soon) // Back to the Future Marathon & pizza feast
Me and my baby brother // last night out in Glasgow // I couldn’t resist the bag
One of the best waffles ever // sunset on Oxford Street // Harry Potter studio tour goodies
Butterbeer! // milkshakes with my two best friends // Viper understands me

It’s been a busy few weeks! As I’m sure I’ve mentioned countless times things are a bit of a crazy blur right now with just three days left at home. I’ve got so much planned for the next few weeks and some exciting things coming up for the blog too so keep your eyes peeled. I’ve actually managed to keep up this whole daily blogging thing quite well despite it being fully unintentional but I wouldn’t be too surprised if things are a tiny bit quiet here over the weekend.

Having been off for a crazy eight months by the time my classes start I think being back in formal education will take a fair bit of getting used to but I will definitely be finding time to keep up this baby so don’t worry too much! It’ll probably take a bit of time to settle in to a new routine as well as a new city and being surrounded by new people so I just thought I would let you all know what the plan is for Colours & Carousels.

Also – I decided to make a slight tweak to my blog name so instead of colours&carousels/coloursandcarousels it’s now Colours & Carousels/Colours and Carousels, it was mostly referred to as that anyway so I thought I may as well go for it!

If you find yourself missing me too much whilst all this is going on you could always catch my stressed out tweets over on Twitter or some more snapshots on Instagram 😉