Killer Queen by Katy Perry

Killer Queen by Katy Perry 100ml (50ml is £27.99 on The Fragrance Shop with free gift)

I feel like I should clear one thing up before I start this post – if it’s not already very obvious. I’m a Katy Perry fan, to the extent that I pretty much know her movie word for word, her entire discography is in my most played playlist on iTunes, I have four massive posters of her, once coloured my hair pink when seeing her live and now own all three of her perfumes. BUT I’m going to try contain my fangirling for this post.

I know I just bought another perfume recently, however when I saw this advertised in the window of a perfume shop I knew I had to buy it. I actually went a bit crazy and bought the biggest bottle they had without even smelling it first… Katy’s previous perfumes, Meow & Purr, are two of my all time favourites not just because of the celebrity name but because they do really smell gorgeous. Killer Queen is no different.

Sadly, the bottle is not cat shaped like her previous two offerings however it is still very pretty. The packaging in general is very in keeping with the whole regal theme and the bottle just screams royalty. Despite it’s pleasing appearance I’m not a massive fan of the shape of  this bottle as it means that it can’t be stood upright so takes up a bit more room on my desk – although not a massive amount.

Now on to the smell itself. According to my online sources it consists of notes of plum, red velvet flower, berry and bergamot. To be honest I don’t really have a clue if it smells like these, I’m awful at distinguishing scents in perfumes, but I confirm it smells delicious. To me, it’s a more mature combination of her previous two sickly sweet concoctions which lingers for hours. I for one think it was the perfect addition to my perfume collection, the fact that it’s a Katy Perry brand perfume is just an added bonus for the fangirl in me.

Are you a fan of any celebrity perfumes? Does a celebrity’s name on the bottle push you to buy?