Guest Post: Ark Clothing Wishlist

Hello everyone! My name’s Vickie and I’ll be guest blogging on Colours & Carousels today! I’m really excited and I’ve stepped a little out of my blogging comfort zone yet again today so I hope you enjoy it. You can find me over at if you fancy checking out my blog!
 Todays post is a little fashion post – basically ways to autumn out your summer clothes, and my favourite Autumn picks from If you’re familiar with my blog you’ll know that I tend to post a lot more beauty than anything else so here’s hoping this goes well. Item number one on my list is a blue aztec print mini dress. I choose this colour particularly because it’s vibrant, yet not so in your face. I’m an absolute sucker for dark clothes, mainly blacks and greys, and these can become all too comfortable in the Autumn. I’m aiming to be a little different this year and I absolutely adore this item! Teamed with a thick pair of tights or knee high socks, doc martens or ankle boots, this is absolutely perfect. I have my eye on this dress and seriously want it so badly! Second on the list is this forrest green jumper. To celebrate the warm weather I’ve been whacking out the light wash skinny jeans and jeggings, rolled up to show as much calf as humanly possible (I am certainly not a legs girl!). To transition my much loved denim over to the colder months, team your summer trousers up with a thick, over sized jumper. I absolutely adore how you can get away with wearing over sized clothes in the winter as most of the time they are so much more comfortable than cute little dresses and short shorts, and you’re not constantly worried about showing everyone your backside!! I will most certainly be relishing that this summer. Last but most certainly not least are these adorable heeled chelsea boots. Obviously not a lover of getting frostbite on my toes or ankles, a lovely pair of boots like this can be worn on nights out, evenings with friends or just day to day. Come Autumn/Winter peep toes and sandles are out of the question so a nice, comfortable pair of ankle boots are more than necessary.  Unfortunately that wraps up my post for today. I really enjoyed doing this and I think I’ll post things like this on my own blog a little more often! Feel free to check out my blog or come have a chat to me on Twitter, I’d love to know what you all thought of my post! 

Vickie xo