Desert Island Essentials #9

Imagine you are stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean without a person in sight, however not to worry, as this island is pretty luxurious compared to some others! I’m asking a different blogger every week what their desert island essentials are, and this week it’s Tolly from Tolly Dolly Posh.

On your lovely little desert island you find an iPod, however it can only hold 5 songs – which five songs would you choose? 
It would have to be… Hey Ho by The Lumineers, Let’s Dance by David Bowie, Ruby by The Kaiser Chiefs, Ya Hey by Vampire Weekend and Roar by Katy Perry.

Surprisingly, there is also a TV on the island! But, you can only pick one movie or TV show to watch for your time here, what would you choose? 
That’s a tough one. For a film it would probably be The Hunger Games but perhaps Skyfall. Both of those films are amazing! If I were to chose a TV show I would probably go with… Top Gear. It’s a classic one, even though I’m a 13 year old girl, that show gets it right every time!

Before you were stranded you were carrying a book, what one book would you want to have on the island with you? 

I know I mentioned this as a film too, but I absolutely loved reading first Hunger Games book. I think I finished it with in 2 weeks! I would definitely read that again!

Obviously, you’re not going to be left to starve. If you could only have 1 meal and 1 drink a day what would it be? 

For a meal I would go with… my mum’s Shepherd’s Pie. It’s so yummy! Mash, mince, peas, gravy, and cheddar on top. Yum! For drink, it would probably be a Cinderella Cocktail (non alcoholic of course!). I’m not sure how the 2 would go down together, but it’s the most delicious drink ever. I love it!

When stranded on your island what would your must have beauty essential be? 

I’m not quite sure really… it would probably be Sun Cream. A bit of a boring one but if it was hot, I wouldn’t want to be all red and sore. Ew… haha

Everywhere has WiFi these days, right? Well your island does! However you are limited to one blog and one YouTube channel – who would you choose? 

For the blog, it would have to be Lisette Loves. I love how simple and just gorgeous everything Lisette posts. It always makes me smile! For a YouTube channel, it would be… well, it’s a hard decision between Tyler Oakley & Zoella. Both of them are my favourites at the moment.. so… maybe it would be Tyler!

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