Desert Island Essentials #11

Imagine you are stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean without a person in sight, however not to worry, as this island is pretty luxurious compared to some others! I’m asking a different blogger every week what their desert island essentials are, and this week it’s Yuen from The Craziest Paradigm.
On your lovely little desert island you find an iPod, however it can only hold 5 songs – which five songs would you choose?
This is incredibly hard because I have different songs for different moods! But the ultimate 5 would be:
1. Clarity – Zedd
2. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
3. Heart on Fire – Jonathan Clay
4. Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia
5. Science With Faith – The Script

Surprisingly, there is also a TV on the island! But, you can only pick one movie or TV show to watch for your time here, what would you choose?
Only one?! Definitely How I Met your Mother – that show is hilarious.

Before you were stranded you were carrying a book, what one book would you want to have on the island with you?
Probably one of the books in the Harry Potter series! I’m a huge Potterhead and I never get bored of it! Probably the sixth or last book.

Obviously, you’re not going to be left to starve. If you could only have 1 meal and 1 drink a day what would it be?
I would have red velvet cupcakes and bubble milk tea!

When stranded on your island what would your must have beauty essential be?
Lip balm! I can’t stand chapped lips!

Everywhere has WiFi these days, right? Well your island does! However you are limited to one blog and one YouTube channel – who would you choose?
This is a hard one D:
YouTube would be PointlessBlog because his channel makes me laugh all the time and as for blog…. there are so many that I love! But probably Fashiononymous – her style is amazing and she seems to have a great personality!

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