A weekend in Northumberland

On the beach at Bamburgh Castle // the UK’s biggest second-hand bookshop // a random picture from our house

Home again for the final time before the big ol’ move. I had a lovely little family holiday in Northumberland which was a far cry from being in London the weekend before. We were really lucky with the weather, when we first arrived on Friday the rain was absolutely battering down however the next two days were absolutely beautiful although a tad breezy! We didn’t really do much, just visited the beach and Alnwick where the UK’s biggest secondhand bookshop (aka heaven) is located.

Now that I’m back it’s time for a jam packed week of packing up and saying my last goodbyes. So far I’ve got a Back to the Future marathon, two dinner dates and a lunch date all planned. It’s sad how much I’m dreading saying goodbye to my cat, let alone my friends, boyfriend and family. I’ve cried so much already and I know that there’ll be even more tears to come but I’m beyond excited to get up to Aberdeen and get started at university! And hopefully get a job sorted too. I’ve already been planning movie nights with my flat mates which I can’t wait for – I think we’re going to get on perfectly!

Posts planned for this week include a review of my new favourite mascara, an outfit, September wishlist and more.

What are your plans for the week?