24 Aug 2013


I wasn't originally going to post today, but I've got a fair bit to share so I thought I would just do a quickie!

First up - if you hadn't already noticed - Colours & Carousels has had a MAJOR make over. After seeing some of Grace's beautiful work I knew I had to have something for myself and boy am I impressed. She's incredibly talented and such a sweetheart so I would 100% recommend checking her out if you're after any work - you can find her design shop here. I hope you all love it just as much as I do.

This post is titled 'Three' for a reason, not only because I have three little updates to share. Last week saw Colours & Carousels turn a huge three years old! I've not been blogging consistently for that long, only about a year and a half or so but I couldn't be happier with how far I've come and all of the people/experiences my blog has opened my eyes too. Hard work pays off in the end.

Okay, the final update... I HIT 300 GFC FOLLOWERS. I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw that little number on my dashboard. I'm so so so so grateful for each and every one of you who took the time to click that button. I know that numbers aren't everything but we'd be lying if it didn't make us smile when that number grows! Thanks for sticking around and I hope you're all here for the long haul. <3

So there you have it, thank you again for everything guys. I really really really appreciate it.


  1. I love your new layout, it's so pretty! :)
    Congratulations for hitting such huge milestones!

    Chelsea x
    Love in Modern Life

  2. The new layout is so pretty!
    And congratulations on your mammoth follower count!


  3. What a lovely layout :) Congratulations for your blog..is it such a nice feeling being appreciate from what you write!

    Ila x


  4. The layout is lovely and congrats on the milestone!

  5. Aww your blog design is so pretty and fab..congrats on your 'three' successes. Aimee xx

  6. Congrats on 300 followers Charlotte, you deserve it!! Your new layout is absolutely gorgeous too :D

  7. Congratulations on reaching 300 followers!
    I love your new layout too! Very cute :)


  8. Your new layout is gorgeous! Congrats on reaching 300 followers :) xx


  9. Hey, thank you so much for your lovely comment, I love your blog and I'm now a new follower :)

    Have a nice day!


  10. You more than deserve your 300 followers lovely!
    I hit that magic number this week as well, such a fab feeling <3
    Hope to meet you at a Glasgow meet up soon


  11. I love your new layout! And congratulations on the followers :) that's amazing! x

  12. well done on hitting the 3 year mark!

    i love your blog design and layout.

    new follower! a fashion fix


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