22 Aug 2013

The September Issue

A photo of 5 major British fashion publications

Since my love affair with the world of blogging began my obsession with magazines has deteriorated. I used to buy at least 8 magazines a month whereas now my only constant purchase is the wonderful Company magazine - my all time favourite. Every once in a while I may pick up a copy of Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire if they're on offer, have an awesome free gift or a feature that catches my attention, but otherwise I stick to the blogosphere. Blogs are so much more accessible, providing current 'real girl' perspectives and attainable style. Whilst there is no doubt that blogging is the way forward, print will always have a place in my heart. Come August the glossy world of fashion magazines becomes a lot more appealing - with the highly anticipated September issues finally gracing the shelves. A lot of my favourite magazines are biannual, and a bit more expensive than I would usually be willing to splurge on a mag. However seeing as they only appear twice a year I'm more than happy to drop five, six or even seven pounds on these beautiful works of art.

A photo of two Fashion Week based magazines

A photo of UK Elle magazine

Elle Collections and Marie Claire Runway are my fashion bibles. Every season, without fail, I cart home these massive books of glory and spend hours poring over the fantastic show reports, collection summaries, in depth designer interviews and glamorous street style of the past Fashion Week. For now, these magazines feel like the closest I will get to the frow, but they certainly fulfil my desires for full on fashion coverage. Whenever I read them I bubble over with Fashion Week excitement. They are an absolute treasure trove of inspiration, detail and ideas.

From what I can gather Cosmopolitan Beauty is a new launch from the people over at Hearst Magazines; which I had high hopes for. Beauty reads like 178 replicas of the standard beauty pages in any glossy magazine. I for one was hoping for a bit more from it, however it provides a vast wealth of beauty tips, products to look out for and new looks to try. It's definitely caused a few purchases.

Purchasing this month's edition of Elle was a no brainer for me. Not only was there an awesome little Bumble & Bumble free gift (which I'm sure you've all read plenty about) it featured one of my icons and all time favourite musicians: Katy Perry. Aside from pages of pretty (slightly out of my price range) clothes Elle also contains some more serious, occasionally hard hitting articles which are can be a refreshing change from the typical celebrity, fashion & beauty articles.

LOVE isn't a publication which I purchase often, however I was drawn to the Mickey Mouse kitsch-ness of the cover. LOVE also has a biannual release date, but they certainly provide enough reading material to justify that - coming in at an eyewatering total of 464 pages. Granted, most of these pages are adverts, but they are the dream like kind of adverts that don't bother me too much and instead leave me lusting after high end pieces that I could never in my wildest dreams afford right now. Whilst LOVE doesn't contain a whole load of articles, it is a catalogue of pretty pictures that will be making their way on to my wall as soon as I'm finished.

Apologies for the very picture heavy post, I just thought it would be nice to share some of the more inspiring magazines I've been reading lately.

What magazines do you read religiously? Do you think print has a future in a world where the internet is quickly taking over?


  1. I stopped buying magazines a lot earlier this year, but this past month I've bought like 5 different magazines. More than I've ever bought in a month.

  2. I usually only buy magazines for my summer holiday, or if they have a free gift I really want - but you've tempted me with that issue of LOVE, how gorgeous is that??
    The Oxford Owl

  3. Great posts and seriously gorgeous imagery!
    new follower :D x

  4. I've gotten into independent magazines a lot more recently, after becoming a bit disillusioned with the regular monthlies. But wow, the current issue of Love looks so tempting, it's massive!!! x

  5. I like to change what magazines I buy; sometimes it's Vogue, sometimes Elle and other times it's Company - I think it just depends what catches my eye on the day!



  6. i will always choose paper copy over digital! i love oh comely magazine!

  7. The Elle Collections look beautiful!


  8. Amazing post!Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx

    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

  9. Great images, I am still a big lover of magazines!


  10. Love the photos!
    I know what you mean - since getting into blogging... I'm not quite so obsessive with my magazine buying, although every now and then, it's quite nice to just treat yourself, sit down with a cup of tea and have a relaxing flick through :)
    I particularly love Shop magazine, although it's not the best when I'm trying to be good and save!


  11. i used to buy tons of magazines but i somehow don't have the time to read them now. i might have to go back to read magazines. its just so relaxing.


  12. Been looking for Cosmo beauty for a couple of months! Excited! x

  13. great post!



  14. I've never purchased LOVE magazine, but it always looks like such a great glossy. The only fashion mag I buy monthly is ELLE, it was Vogue but I became rather bored with the content, the pages no longer seemed to pop so I tried ELLE and immediately loved it! But I definitely know what you mean re the blogosphere being so much more accessible for 'real girl' inspiration!

    Elizabeth x


  15. This post has reminded me to buy ELLE collections, really love it and completely forgotten about getting it. Love love love the photos in this post too. If you are ever in the market for expensive coffee table magazines you might like LULA magazine, I bought a copy a year or so ago for about 8 pounds but it is so so pretty!


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