12 Aug 2013

Storm by Sleek Make Up

Storm Palette by Sleek - Superdrug £7.99

Top row L-R: 1-6
Bottom row L-R: 7-12
Storm is my first Sleek palette, and I think I'm in love.

After buying the Real Techniques Starter Kit for eyes I decided to invest in a new palette to go with them. I was originally looking at MUA who are my go to for palettes, however nothing really caught my fancy and so I started looking at other brands. I'd never bought anything from Sleek before but had heard a lot of rave reviews about their products so decided they would be worth a look, that's when I found the Storm palette and knew I had to have it! I'd seen it on a few blogs before but it was even prettier in person and very fairly priced for a 12 shadow palette.

The palette itself is very aesthetically pleasing, I love the matte black plastic with a kind of velvety feel to it, I for one think it makes it appear more expensive than it actually is. For some reason the inside of my palette has some strange scratches on, but they're not too noticeable unless they catch the light and don't have any effect on the shadows.

Storm contains 12 pretty shadows, three matte shades and nine shimmer shades, ranging from more neutral colours to much bolder blues, greens and pinks. The pigmentation of the shadows is decent, but they are very buildable which is useful if you like to alternate between subtle and bold looks. The range of colours provides many opportunities for shimmering smokey eyes for daily wear or evening glamour - I'm trying to perfect a pretty pink look for day time.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it! It's great value for money and definitely going to become quite a staple in my make up collection.

For my first Sleek product this was definitely a good choice and I'm already making a little list of more products from the brand that I'd like to try - any recommendations?


  1. !!! I love the palette and I would love to have one too. Unfortunately I hardly use eyeshadow and if I got some eye makeup as pretty as this I would just collect it for the sake of it.



    1. I used to be the same but lately I've been trying to get in to eyeshadow more, hence buying this! It's worth it I think :) x

  2. I actually use this more than my Naked palette, love it!

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Ah this was my first Sleek Palette too, and i haven't looked back since! It's SO versatile, great post :)

    Rosie xo

    1. Agreed - you can get such a great variety of looks from it! x

  4. These Sleek palettes are always great. This one has some really pretty colours esp the browns & that blue is so pigmented

    1. I've been using the browns a lot since getting this but really want to try something with that blue, it's so gorgeous and bold x


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