26 Aug 2013

Share The Love - August

Gem - Kate - Lily
It's almost September already, whaaaat?! It's a total clich├ęd thing to say but I can't believe how crazy fast this year is going.

This month's favourites contain two blogs (Gem & Lily) that I've followed since before I even started blogging, and I'm just as much in love with them now as I was back then. Lily is my total style crush right now - I'm so tempted to dye my hair pink - and I'm always in awe of Gem's beautiful photography work.
Kate was a more recent discovery but I absolutely love her blog and her style! Hair envy to the max.

So if you're after some reading material I would wholeheartedly recommend these lovely ladies, you will not be disappointed.


  1. Thank you sooo much for featuring me! :) x

  2. I read these three religiously too! Great recommendations!


  3. This post is great and I love your instagram!


  4. Love to see other blogs share blogs that they enjoy reading too~

    I've never heard of these ladies, but I'll definitely be checking them out! :)


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