17 Aug 2013

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Going to the cinema is something I enjoy a lot, and something I do a lot. My boyfriend and I both have Cineworld Unlimited cards which recently we've really been making the most of. Seeing as I rely mostly on reviews when it comes to my movie choice I thought I'd do a little summary of the last five films I've seen, good and bad.

First up - Now You See Me - with Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher and more.
I wasn't too sure what to expect from this film, the trailer had caught my eye enough to make me want to see it but I totally was not prepared for just how good it would be. It's like close up magic on a much bigger scale - absolutely captivating. This movie had me hooked from start to finish, and although I guessed the MASSIVE twist (I was so disappointed in myself) I still loved it and I'm definitely going to be getting it on DVD, although I feel it could be the kind of film that's not as enjoyable once you know the ending. 4/5

Secondly the much anticipated Monsters University. Being your standard Pixar fan I was veeeery excited to see this, but add in the fact that this year marks the start of my university experience I think my excitement was a little bit more than it usually would be. It's safe to say I wasn't disappointed, Pixar definitely maintained their standard. It's the kind of film that children who weren't around when the original Monsters Inc was about can still enjoy, but the generation who were children when it first came out will love too. Sometimes you just can't beat a good ol' Pixar film, and the short at the beginning was adorable too. 5/5

Now, The Heat was a point of conflict between my boyfriend and I. I loved it, but he hated it. I definitely think it is more of a girly film though, it's kind of like a female version of 21 Jump Street - which I also loved. I'm not a big Sandra Bullock fan but I've loved Melissa McCarthy since Bridesmaids and she did not disappoint me in the slightest. Something about the way she delivers her lines has me in stitches, she is absolutely hilarious. I've read a lot of mixed reviews on this one, but I definitely enjoyed it and would give it 4/5.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa was two hours of pure disappointment. It was awful. I've watched a fair bit of Alan Partridge before and enjoyed it so expected the same from this film but it was just jam packed full of awful jokes, terrible cliches and awkward 'should I be laughing here?' moments. This is another film I've seen mixed reviews for, some people who loved the tv show hated the film, some loved it and then some people who hated the tv show loved the film, some didn't. Either way, if I hadn't had an unlimited card I would have been pretty annoyed that I'd splashed on going to see it. 1/5 (for like one funny moment).

Finally, last night I went to see Kick Ass 2 which I had been looking forward to for quite a while. My boyfriend is quite a fan of Kick Ass so he absolutely loved it whereas I'm kind of on mixed ground. I did really enjoy it and found it absolutely hilarious but I don't think I was prepared for that amount of gore, I cringed away from the screen quite a lot... It also had me in tears for quite a while, very emotional. I loved it though, it's still odd to see Aaron Johnson not playing Robbie in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Jim Carey was absolutely fantastic as usual and Chloe Grace Moretz is possibly my new girl crush, I can't wait for Carrie. Fringe envy much.

What have you been watching lately? Anything you're looking forward to seeing? Like I said before I can't wait for Carrie, it's one of my favourite books so I have high hopes for the remake.


  1. Oh dear, I was really excited for Alan Partridge. If it's bab I'll stay clear. I have LoveFilm so I find most of the time I'm one of those 'I'll wait for the DVD' people. I recently went to see The Conjuring and I thought it was brilliant. I love the story and the direction, and I also screamed aloud in the cinema.. :)
    Mia x

    1. I was looking forward to it too! I have LoveFilm but between my mum, dad and brother I only get to pick the DVDs once every 4 months which sucks. I'm thinking about getting a Netflix account when I move out though, I had a free trial of it and became obsessed. I quite fancy the Conjuring but my boyfriend haaaaates scary films and no one else has wanted to see it with me yet!x

  2. Now You See Me is AMAZING. I didn't guess the massive twist! But that movie had me guessing everytime. Love it.

    Really want to see Monsters Uiversity and Kick Ass 2 - I thought the first one was a tad gory though :P

    Yuen from The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

    1. I loved it too! Really good film. MU was great, as all Pixar films are. I didn't find the first Kick Ass too bad but I definitely thought the second one was veeeery gory - it's not my kind of thing!x

  3. Really want to go see Kick Ass 2!


  4. I love watching a good film too
    I've been thinking about getting one of these film cards myself
    Rachel XX


  5. I loved Monsters University - so good! I went to see Wolverine last night and it was pretty good, some dodgy parts but overall a winner! xx

  6. I love the cinema!
    I actually went to see The Heat twice, my friend managed to get free tickets to see the show before it was out, which was super cool especially because there was no adverts and the film was so good! I then made my mum and brother come to the cinema to see it again on the opening day because it was just hilarious :') my mum loved it and my brother didn't as much, so I think it might be just a man thing!!
    I also loved MU too, little Mike is so cute

    Charlotte xxx

  7. I saw Monsters University a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it!


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