Mini Reviews – Lush Goodies

Breath Of Fresh Air toner water 100g – £3.95
Creamy Candy bubble bar – £2.50
Sweetie Pie shower jelly – £3.10
Karma soap (free sample)

A few weeks ago I shared my rather substantial haul from a day’s shopping in Glasgow which featured a few bits and pieces from Lush. Now that I’ve been using them for a while I thought I’d finally share my thoughts on them, as well as the other beauty bits I picked up which will be coming up later this week! Instead of doing a post per product I thought I’d just lump all of the Lush goodies in to one post and write a little ‘mini review’ of how I’m liking (or not liking) them so far.

Breath Of Fresh Air toner water

This was a repurchase, as I wanted a little spray bottle of toner to throw in my bag if I’m going to be away overnight rather than having to lug around my big bottle of Simple toner which is my go to at the moment. I do really like this toner, however I find it a bit too sticky to be using every day which is why I tend to stick to my Simple one which feels a lot lighter and more refreshing. A major plus point of this toner, for me, is that it doesn’t contain tea tree which I find quite irritating for my skin. From using this toner before I know that it really does help my skin so I probably will continue to buy it, however I’ll stick to the smaller size so that I have something more portable in my bag rather than using it in my every day routine.

Creamy Candy bubble bar

Creamy Candy is one of my favourite bubble bars from Lush – alongside The Comforter – and is also one of the cheapest. I aaaalways repurchase this: it smells delicious and just a tiny bit gives plenty of bubbles, making it very economical. Sadly, I think this will be my last bar for a while as when I move I will only have a shower and no bath, sad face. If you’re after a little sweet bath time treat I would 100% recommend picking this up, it’s inexpensive and great quality.

Sweetie Pie shower jelly

I want to love the shower jellies, I really do, but I just can’t. I like them, however there is just something holding me back from loving them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell, I love how they look and I love the idea, but I think in practical terms they’re just not that great. I find these just slip all over the place, even after freezing, as they’re very hard to get a good grip on. I used to think I loved these, I raved about them in my big Lush Favourites post back in February but back then I thought I could get used to the lack of practicality surrounding them. This was not the case. I think they’re more of a novelty than a useful product, but if I find another Lush product with this scent I am in there.

Karma soap (sample)

The lovely sales assistant in Lush was kind enough to give me a little sample of Karma, which was a really nice touch! I actually really don’t like Karma, I find the scent quite off putting, however I know that it is one of Lush’s best selling scents so I have a feeling I’m in the minority here. As usual with Lush, it’s a great soap that isn’t too drying, however I doubt I’ll be buying any more.

What have you been buying or eyeing up in Lush recently? I’ve got a voucher to spend and fancy treating myself to something new!