1 Aug 2013

MAC Lovelorn & Mehr

MAC lipsticks in Lovelorn & Mehr - £15.00 each
I mentioned in my last MAC review that I was planning on picking up a couple of new lipsticks with my House of Fraser voucher, and after a very long time spent deliberating/sheltering from the rain I came away with Lovelorn and Mehr.

Both are pretty pink shades, with Mehr being a more of a rose pink compared to Lovelorn which is more pastel. Lovelorn is the lustre finish which is quite sheer and glossy whereas Mehr is a matte finish which is lovely and creamy. I do love the matte finish, however I find that after a few hours if I don't reapply or use a balm my lips get really dry and flaky which is quite annoying. The lustre finish is nice enough however not my favourite, I can't quite put my finger on why.

Both are gorgeous everyday shades and definite staples in my lipstick collection. I was leaning towards some more statement shades, but I'm so glad I picked these as I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them. I've really been loving MAC lipsticks lately, they are pricey but seeing as I've never paid full price for one I see them as pretty good investments.

What are your favourite lipsticks by MAC?


  1. Both are absolutely gorgeous shades! xx


  2. I love Lovelorn it's so pretty! Though I don't think I could wear Mehr, I wasn't blessed with lips that can deal with the dryness of MAC's matte lipsticks!

    Bella | BELLAETC

  3. Lovelorn looks so perfect! xx

  4. Lustre finishes aren't my fave either. I have Mehr and I love it x

  5. Oooh love those two colors, they look great on you! ;) xx http://mymissdiorfashion.blogspot.be/


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