Lovestruck Floral Rush by Vera Wang

Lovestruck Floral Rush by Vera Wang 30ml – Boots (was £35.00 reduced to £19.99)

When it comes to perfumes I’m a fussy girl, I tend to opt for sickly sweet fragrances such as Katy Perry’s candyfloss scented Meow or Insolence by Guerlain which is reminiscent of Parma Violets. Recently, I’d been after something new. I had fancied the summertime edition of Daisy by Marc Jacobs however I was veeeeery reluctant to splash out on what is essentially just a smell.

Enter Lovestruck Floral Rush.

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping for my friend Amy’s birthday present – the original Lovestruck – when I caught a whiff of the Floral Rush edition and fell pretty much head over heels. Cut to two days ago and there it is, on special offer in Boots. As it happened I also had a voucher for Buchanan Galleries so decided to use that to purchase, so technically this didn’t cost me a thing.

Granted, the bottle is a LOT smaller than I expected from the size of the box, however the scent is quite strong and lasts for hours so I think it will last me quite a decent length of time. The bottle itself is really pretty, I love the combination of the purples & green and the lid makes a nice little extra for when it’s sitting on my table.

The smell itself is true to it’s name, floral. According to the description it consists of notes of pink passion flower, champagne and cashmere which honestly wouldn’t appeal to me if I hadn’t smelt it first! Like I mentioned before, I tend to go for sugary sweet smells with vanilla notes so this is something a bit different for me. Whilst I mentioned that it was very strong, the scent itself is quite delicate and feminine with great staying power. I’ve already had plenty of compliments, even hours after I’ve put it on. I’ve been trying to think of similar perfumes, but nothing really comes to mind, so I’d say it’s a pretty unique scent at the moment.

It’s a lovely summer scent, and even though summer is drawing to a close for me it’s definitely got a permanent place on my dressing table. If you’re after a fresh, sweet smell at a bargain price I would definitely recommend picking this little beauty up!

What are you signature scents?