21 Aug 2013

Life Lately

It's weird, I don't feel any different, but since turning 18 I've had this overwhelming feeling of responsibility. I think now that my moving date is getting a bit closer the pressure is really on, and I'm definitely feeling it. I don't feel old enough to be moving out. I'm quite happy here in my little nest.

Lately I've been trying to fill up all my time catching up with friends and it's just making me a bit more anxious for the future. A particular Admiral Fallow song keeps circling round and round my brain - will I still know these people in a year? I know that the people who matter will still be there but it's always a shock realising who is actually worth your time. This summer has really been my 'coming of age' so they say (anyone remember that TV programme? I loved that) and I've realised a lot of things about the person I am and the people around me.

This post has ended up being a tiny bit more sentimental and depressing than I thought it would be, do not get me wrong I am beyond excitement for the future and this absolutely massive step in my life but it's only natural to have that little niggle of anxiousness.

In other news, I'm going to London! I realised I hadn't actually mentioned it on here, but my boyfriend and I booked up just after my birthday and I can't control my excitement. I've been to London once before but I don't quite remember it and I'm pretty sure it rained. Our only major plan right now (well the only thing we have booked to do) is the Harry Potter Studio Tour, but I'm sure there will be plenty of sightseeing and shopping too. Any recommendations of shops, restaurants or places to see?


  1. I really love that Admiral Fallow song, but I understand why you might be worried. With things like facebook and stuff it is so easy to keep in contact, and hopefully you can all arrange some meet ups when you're all in the same place :)

  2. Have a great in London! The place that I keep hearing a lot about is The Breakfast Club - so although I haven't been before, I guess that many people would recommend it! If you want some more tips on where to eat, pop over the The Londoner blog http://www.thelondoner.me/ - she is amazing x

  3. aww thank you so much for your advice :) i will defo visit the place! looking forward to meeting you too xx

  4. I hope you have a great time in London! there is loads to do there depending how long your there for! sights wise the London eye is a must see! Also supposed to be scary but the London dungeons and the tower bridge experience are both amazing and very interesting historically, If you get time for shopping and such Camden market is a great place to find nice clothes and accessories! it's also really lively and friendly and has great food stands!
    that was a bit long but yeah! enjoy your visit!
    Chenelleyness xx


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