Guest Post: Avon Clear Skin Emergency Spot Treatment

Hello! I’m Lauren and I’ll be filling in for Charlotte today while she is away. I hope you don’t mind that! I run my own blog under the name ‘OhHay! Blogs’, where I blog about design and my life.

As someone who suffers from spots very often I am always on the hunt for a spot treatment that actually works and helps my skin. I came across Avon’s Clear Skin Emergency Spot Treatment while looking through one of the catalogues a while back. I never really come across a spot treatment that actually does my skin any justice but I thought at like £2.25 it was worth a try!
The spot treatment comes in a small box which also includes an information sheet like any other beauty product.  The actual product comes in a small tube with a screwball lid. The product promises that it will “help reduce redness and swelling in just 3 hours” as this is because it contains Salicylic Acid.  
The product comes out as a clear gel and a little definitely goes a long way! However, I have noticed if you apply too much then it will become flaky and will just come right of- which means it won’t end up doing the job. The smell of it isn’t too over powering but does smell quite astringent like. Personally, it does not irritate my skin like many other spot treatments I’ve used but I would assume if you have sensitive skin it could cause an irritation.
I really adore this product and it has been the only Spot Treatment I have continuously gone back and bought again. Most of the time it does reduce the redness and swelling of any spots I have within the 3 hours but on those bigger, tougher spots it generally takes a lot longer. After using this, small spots normally disappear within 2-3 days and larger ones disappearing within 4-5 days depending. On a daily basis I will apply to only those troublesome areas but during certain times of the month I will apply it all over my face, which is when it normally tends to get slightly flaky.
Have you ever bought this before? And what are your thoughts on it?