25 Aug 2013

Desert Island Essentials #7

Imagine you are stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean without a person in sight, however not to worry, as this island is pretty luxurious compared to some others! I’m asking a different blogger every week what their desert island essentials are, and this week it’s Fernanda from http://ferdies-place.blogspot.co.uk/.

On your lovely little desert island you find an iPod, however it can only hold 5 songs - which five songs would you choose?

This is a tough one for me! Being a fan of Iron Maiden, I'd take their whole discography! But let's play the game:
1. Rime of The Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden
2. Powerslave - Iron Maiden
3. Walk This Way - Aerosmith
4. Hella Good - No Doubt
5. Every Day I Love you Less and Less - Kaiser Chiefs

Surprisingly, there is also a TV on the island! But, you can only pick one movie or TV show to watch for your time here, what would you choose?

Oh, the movie would be The Devil Wears Prada, without a DOUBT! Call me shallow, but it is my favourite movie, the one I know all the lines to! And TV show, probably Top Gear because they have like one billion episodes and they're hilarious!

Before you were stranded you were carrying a book, what one book would you want to have on the island with you?

The one book I've ever read that's actually made an impact on me as a human being and made me want to be a better person was Even Silence Has an End by Ingrid Bettancourt. She's a French-Colombian politic who was kidnapped by the Colombian Armed Revolutionary Forces and was kept hostage in the Colombian rain forest for 6 years! I think every one should read that book, her story of survival is amazing and the fact she never gave up on herself is so inspiring!

Obviously, you’re not going to be left to starve. If you could only have 1 meal and 1 drink a day what would it be?

My drink would be Pepsi Max and... You know, I'm all by myself on a deserted island... It's a LASAGNA feast, everyone!

When stranded on your island what would your must have beauty essential be?

If I'm thinking practical, SPF. If I'm thinking pretty, mascara, for sure!

Everywhere has WiFi these days, right? Well your island does! However you are limited to one blog and one YouTube channel - who would you choose?

The blog would probably be Vivianna Does Make Up to hear about all the amazing new beauty products I can't get (I'm in an island!) and the YouTube channel would FOR SURE be Lisa Eldridge's, I wanna be as elegant and chic as her when I grow up! haha

If you want to be part of my Desert Island Essentials series e-mail me at coloursandcarouselsblog@gmail.com with the subject ‘Desert Island Essentials’ and I will add you to my list. <3


  1. Such a good idea for a post! I really enjoyed reading the answers, I'm a big The Devil Wears Prada fan too haha.

    Helen at "Hels Yeah" xx

  2. I love your blog sooo much,
    Please check out my new blog


  3. Yay! I had a lot of fun answering this, thanks for featuring me! I just added your blog to my blogroll! xx


  4. oh I love your music selections and of course I will stop by at the stores you suggested to me. Thank you xx


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