7 Aug 2013

Applying To University

It is 38 days until I move to Aberdeen to start university.

This is a massive step in my life and I know it's going to be a challenge but what is life without a challenge?! Whilst applying to university and since getting in I've been spending hours obsessively reading blog posts and articles whilst also watching hundreds of videos about going to university and I found them all incredibly helpful in the run up to this massive leap so I thought that I would share my own experiences with the whole process in hope that someone finds it as useful as I did. I've realised now that there is a lot I want to talk about, so I'm going to split it in to a few separate posts - applying to university, shopping for university halls, moving away, freshers week and university life. If there's anything else you want to know about please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments or drop me an e-mail!

Applying to university in the first place is very daunting and for a while I wasn't too sure it was for me. As I've mentioned before in my fifth year of high school I had a lot of health problems and I wasn't convinced that I was going to get the grades I needed to go to university so I started looking at other options such as college and internships. Luckily I did get the grades I needed, so it wasn't an issue for me, but I feel like sometimes - in my school especially - university is shown as the only option after school and people need to realise that it really isn't. For a while I had no idea what I wanted to apply for, I've always loved fashion however designing isn't my thing so thought I wouldn't be able to do any fashion related courses and was intending on applying for business courses, although for a while I thought about journalism, English and even American Studies.

One of the most helpful thing for me was university prospectuses - of which I had hundreds. At an event designed to show students what universities were available to them I took every single prospectus available and spent a very long time reading each and every one from cover to cover to help me make an informed decision. It was because of this that I was introduced to fashion business courses, which were right up my street. In the end I applied and was accepted to four courses at Robert Gordon, Heriot Watt, Glasgow Caledonian and Manchester Metropolitan.

Another very helpful thing for me was visiting my prospective universities on their open days, which allowed me to see where it was and hear a lot more about what the course and teaching structure was like. After visiting my future university - Robert Gordon- I fell in love with the course and Aberdeen itself so knew it was the one for me.

The UCAS process involves waiting. Lots of waiting. After you send of your applications and personal statement you can be waiting months to hear anything which is the most frustrating time ever. I have never checked my e-mails as much as I did whilst waiting for replies! After sending my application off late September I was waiting until late December before I heard anything, which was quite early in comparison to some of my friends. The feeling I had when I found out I had got in to my first choice was beyond anything I can explain, for me it was a mixture of elation, relief and fright.

Hopefully my experience with UCAS was a tiny bit helpful for someone, and like I said before if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me and I will try my best to help you out. <3


  1. Best of luck during your university experience! I have to apply after summer and I'm super nervous! I really want to graduate, but actually getting the grades is nerve wrecking. Anyway, good luck to you!

  2. Good luck with moving to uni, you will settle in very quickly. I am jealous, actually! i would do anything to go back to uni and re-live my first year, i didn't make the most of it so would like to do it all over again x

  3. Good luck with moving to uni, I'm sure you'll have a total blast! Seeing posts like this makes me feel so old, does not feel like 5 years since I went to uni! xx


  4. Great choice! That's where i'm heading too :)


  5. My friend hayley (waterpainteddreams) told me that you wanted to do a fashion/business related course and that's something I also really want to do. I'm just going into 6th year at the moment and I think this post has been especially helpful to me as this is something that I would love to do. Thank you for this post. All the best with university too, You'll be amazing :)Xx

    Rachel and Louise xx

  6. As a fellow RGU Fashion Management (newly enrolled into 4th year!) I can confirm you made a great course choice! I love this course, and if the RGU Magazine you have there is called 'Muse' you'll find my work in there! ;)

    University is such an amazing experience, and make the most of it - I promise you that it goes by so quickly! There are so many things to be involved in, so enjoy University life and all the best with the course, I'm sure you'll be amazing!

    And also, if you ever want to ask any questions about the course etc, feel free to give me a tweet/e-mail! @RachelGlennie




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