MAC Viva Glam III & Captive

Left: MAC Viva Glam III, Right: MAC Captive – £15 each (or £12.50 at duty free!)

Our crazy weather has resulted in some major lighting differences here, apologies!

Taking these photos has made it painfully apparent that I cannot apply lipstick for the life of me.

Moving on. It’s no secret that MAC lipsticks seem to be in pretty much every blogger’s make up bags and I know that I for one can’t walk past the counter in House of Fraser without trying at least 5 then crying about the price tag (seriously MAC, stop it with the constant price rises!). At the moment I only own two, one was bought with a gift card and the other was bought at duty free.

I feel that Viva Glam III is actually a lot darker than I would usually go for, so I very rarely get any wear out of it but lately I’ve been trying to use it more often. It’s a slightly burgundy colour with a matte finish – which I don’t find all that matte. I went for a matte finish as I do tend to stick to matte lipsticks (Kate Moss for Rimmel anyone?) however I’m not sure what it is about the finish of this lipstick that I’m not all too keen on. As this is slightly darker I do tend to save it for evening wear, I find it a bit too vampy for daily use, but come autumn/winter this year I’m hoping to have the guts to pull it off during the day.

Captive was my second MAC purchase which was acquired at duty free before my holiday this year and is a gorgeous pinky colour with slight purple tones in the satin finish. Since getting this lipstick almost a month ago I have worn it pretty much every day. It’s a really great every day colour as it’s obvious that you’re wearing a lipstick but it’s not too in your face like a red lip can sometimes be. I do really like the finish of this lipstick, but I’ve found that the wear time isn’t great if you’ve been eating or drinking and it tends to fade quite obviously, leaving you with a pink line round the outer edge of your lips… not the most attractive look.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping with some lovely bloggers before we pop along to an event (will post more about that at the weekend!) but I have a few vouchers for MAC and House of Fraser so I’m thinking about treating myself to a couple more lipsticks, possibly Creme Cup and Girl About Town but only time will tell!

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks and which finish do you prefer so far?