Kavos Snaps

So, on Monday night I returned from one of the best weeks I’ve had so far. It’s a bit of a tradition to have one big holiday after leaving school and for me and my friends our location of choice was Kavos in Corfu! I was a bit hesitant before going after watching a certain programme on Channel 4 however I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was absolutely nothing like it – and another popular BBC3 programme – made it out to be. I had an amazing week reading in the sun, enjoying the amazing food and of course sampling a few fine beverages (the green one being a particular favourite). I’m sad it’s all over, the post holiday blues are the worst. I’m already looking at booking more holidays now…

On the subject of food – have a peek at this amazingly interesting infographic on MoneySupermarket about the weird and wonderful foods of the world… I’ll just stick to my pizza thanks! I also noticed another fascinating infographic about holiday habits, particularly of bloggers which you can find here.