19 Jul 2013

July Wishlist

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Surprisingly enough I'm not loving any clothes at the moment, which is annoying seeing as my 18th is in 10 days and I can't find anything to wear... However there are plenty of other things catching my eye, one being phone cases. I'm really struggling to find a pretty phone case that is affordable but it's probably because I'm very fussy and have quite a set idea of what I want. These 3 from Casetagram are probably the closest to what I'm looking for, but they feel a bit pricey for someone who rarely pays over £2 for a case! I would really love an aztec type case that incorporates a Hamsa and an Evil Eye but no such luck as of yet.

I move to Aberdeen all by myself in just under two months. Two months. That is crazy! I've been picking out pictures that I want printed to have on my wall, but I would really love a digital photo frame too just so I can have all of my little memories in one place.

Now, I said that there wasn't much I liked fashion-wise, but there is definitely a lot beauty wise. Especially from Benefit and Mac! If I could only pick one 'must have' right now it would definitely this kit from Benefit as it has everything that I'm currently wanting to try however after my birthday I might just take the plunge and go mental buying everything I'm after...

How pretty are these Vans? I was obsessed with a turquoise pair for a while but they have been blown away by this lovely mint pair. I've never owned a pair before but after trying them on in Schuh I have made it my mission to add them to my shoe collection.

Last but not least, I miss Gossip Girl. Enough said.

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  1. awesome stuff!!

  2. Ooh those are really pretty phone cases indeed!not seen any like them before!:)

  3. I love those phone cases. My iPhone 3gs is on the verge of death and with my 21st around the corner, a new phone and a lovely phonecase is needed!

    I'm also after a digital photograph - I have way too many photos and fixing all the ones I want around my Uni room is starting to look a bit OTT! Have a great birthday xx

  4. Great items - those shoes look great and the colour is perfect for the summer! :)

  5. the digital photo frame is so cute, I used to have one and it's great every photo you have took on one frame:) So cute

  6. Awwww all of those cases are gorgeous!!! I love patterns like that :D xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. Love the phone cases - I'd buy all 3 :o)

  8. Nice wishes! Would you like follow each other?


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