Passing my exams – getting my provisional & student card – applying to university
visiting Aberdeen for the first time – getting my first job – last Christmas dance – losing my beautiful boy
getting in to my first choice of course – Valentine’s day – visiting Aberdeen again
leaving school – St Patrick’s – the closest thing to seeing my favourite artist – meeting Hayley
last day of school – leaver’s dinner – 3 years with my boyfriend – first girl’s holiday
getting on Bloglovin’s up and coming list – finding out my university flat – becoming a blood donor

As of today, the 29th of July, I am legally an adult. I for one find that crazy, I do not feel 18, I definitely don’t look 18 and I probably don’t act 18. 17 was a huge year for me, and looking back at all of my photos – even just on Instagram – I realise just how quickly the year went. Alongside massive milestones such as getting my first job, learning to drive, leaving school and getting in to university I met some amazing people, both through blogging and not, and also lost some such as my beautiful kitten Hamish. I can’t imagine the past year without my little blog by my side and I just want to say thank you to all of you for sticking by me. 18 is going to be even bigger than the last, so much is going to change, but I can’t wait. The world is my oyster and all the rest of that clichéd crap.