17 Jul 2013

Currently Loving: Bamble Vintage

Evening Gown - Cardigan
If you, like me, love Etsy then you will know it is a total treasure trove of beautiful handmade and vintage items. One shop in particular caught my eye recently and I just thought I'd share!
Bamble Vintage is run by the very lovely Soph and houses some fantastic vintage gems such as this amazing evening gown and gorgeous floral cardigan amongst various other blouses, bags and more. I've found that some vintage can be really overpriced, however Soph's treasures are very reasonably priced and definitely great value for money. I do love finding a little gem of a shop like Bamble Vintage, it's always nice knowing that you can buy something unique that (hopefully) no one else will have. I hope you all take the time to check the items out!

Have you found any great little shops recently? I love finding unique stores so please drop me a line if you have. <3


  1. The gold sequins and beading on that dress looks so amazing!

  2. Beautiful things


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