21 Jun 2013

Indie Chic £150 Voucher Giveaway

Hello! Just thought I would let you all know about this wonderful giveaway that is currently being run by Indie Chic. It's super easy to enter, all you have to do is go on to the website here and use the Rafflecopter widget then you can either like them on Facebook or tweet about the giveaway (or both!) to be entered in to the prize draw.

Indie Chic have some gorgeous jewellery and it's all really affordable, £150 would get you loads! Here are some of my favourite pieces.

Eye Bracelet
Tribal Bracelet Set
Camera Necklace

Carousel Necklace



  1. The carousel necklace is so cute! It would go with your blog too x

  2. Ok that eye bracelet or awesome!!



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