Become a Mallzee VIP

You may remember a while back (almost last year infact!) I wrote about an up and coming shopping site called Mallzee – well this time you can join in the fun!

Mallzee is the perfect combination of shopping and social media, allowing you to share your online shopping temptations with your friends and get their opinions, which in my case tends to be ‘BUY IT’, total enablers! For me shopping is a very social activity and I think it was about time a website like this was launched – I know I’m going to be on it a lot.

Not only is it social, but it’s stylish. Mallzee is your one stop shop for clothes featuring brands such as Miss Selfridge, Forever 21, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and more. Mallzee recommends you pieces they think you will love based on your current wardrobe favourites, but not only that, when you shop through Mallzee you earn  Mallzee Dollars which unlock exclusive discounts and products for you to grab!

PLUS Mallzee have offered exclusive VIP membership to all readers of coloursandcarousels, just sign up by clicking here and reap benefits such as even more discounts and first access to some great buys.

What’s not to love?