21 May 2013

MUA Mini Haul

Eyeshadow Trio in Smoke Screen - £2.50
Power Pout in Crazy In Love - £3
Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - £1
Matte Perfect Translucent Powder - £2.50 (I think!)
Pro Base Eye Primer - £2.50
I am an absolute sucker for MUA. Their products are such great quality and insanely cheap. Whenever I wander past a Superdrug I can't help but pop in and have a look at what MUA products are on sale and I pretty much always pick something up!
On my most recent spend I picked up these goodies in the 3 for 2 (I also got a gel eye liner for my mum which I didn't include in this post) and as usual I'm pretty damn impressed. I was originally wanting to pick up the powder and a Power Pout but instead came away with a bit more than I had intended. My cousin Zoe recommended the primer and I was planning on getting one at some point so decided to try it out, as well as getting a black liquid eyeliner for top ups and the little eyeshadow trio which I think I might use for my prom make up.
At the moment I have quite a hefty wishlist of MUA products - including almost all of the Power Pouts. They really are fantastic and for only £3 each I definitely will be adding more to my collection! They look pretty similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks but I've never tried them to be able to compare. They are super moisturising and have a really buildable colour which stays for hours.
After looking through my make up collection I realised that I have a lot of MUA products, so I think I'm going to try out a 'one product face' post or video sometime soon!

Do you love MUA as much as me? What are you favourite bargains from them?



  1. Unfortunately we don't have MUA in Germany but I got send some of their products from another blogger. Their eyehadow palettes are very nice and I love the MUA tinted lip balms. :)
    I really want to try the Power Pouts. They look lovely!



    1. They're such a great brand! Really good value for money. One of my favourite mascaras ever was from Germany but I've never found it again :( xx

  2. I have the non waterproof version of the eyeliner and it's pretty good :) x

  3. I love thier ficing mist and Nail quake nail polishes. I'm also trying out their eyeprimer and I've reviewed their nail constellations and blushes too!

    I've done a review on thie undress me too and Glamour nights palette also if you want to have a look :)

    Check out my blog! bellasbeautyblogs.blogspot.co.uk


  4. I have the Matte powder and I'm really loving it atm :)
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  5. I love MUA and everything looks amazing, still waiting for the power pouts to hit hull but I want them all and the eye primer :) xo

  6. I never tried anything from MUA but the color look really pigmented, I'll have to try! :)


  7. i wish i could pick up any mua products where i live.

    1. Oh I love them so much, I'm so happy we have them here! I'm sure you'll get hold of some :)x


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