15 May 2013

Inspect A Gadget with Moneysupermarket - Philips Esee HD Camcorder

Philips HD Esee Camcorder - Expansys (c/o Moneysupermarket)
I have to say, MoneySupermarket run some fantastic competitions for bloggers! I've previously entered both of their fun Passion For Fashion (1 & 2) competitions and I was really excited to take part in their latest!
Inspect A Gadget is all about finding the best budget gadgets that are ideal for travelling this summer. With our dependency on gadgets these days it could be worthwhile investing in travel insurance if you're planning on taking them on holiday with you, you might not realise just how much your little suitcase is worth until it's too late!

We were ever so kindly given the choice of reviewing either an e-reader, tablet, MP3 player, portable DVD player or a HD pocket camcorder - and I chose the camcorder. YouTube is something I've recently got very in to thanks to Paperbacks & Beauty Facts and I'm fully intending on getting my own YouTube channel up and running with little vlogs. This camcorder by Philips is a total bargain for the power it packs. With full 1080p HD, an adjustable touch screen and it's handy portable shape it is perfect for filming those spontaneous moments as well as more planned videos. It was ordered from Expansys with the standard delivery which is free if you spend over £50 and it came next day which was great! One of my favourite features of this camera is that as soon as you flip the screen open it automatically switches on and is ready to go, perfect for those spur of the moment opportunities to get a great video (You've Been Framed here I come!). Not only does it shoot amazing quality videos but also takes fantastic 8mp stills at the flick of a switch. Another handy little feature I found was the built in USB connection on the camera which saves worrying about losing cables just adding to it's portability and ease of use.

This year, I'm going on my first girls holiday to Kavos (eep) and this handy little camera will definitely have a place in my suitcase to help capture the chaos on Corfu! If you're after a handy, portable camcorder I would definitely recommend this as it is an amazing price for the quality it provides.

You can find out more about Inspect A Gadget on the MoneySupermarket website here.



  1. Can't wait for mine to come ahhh x

  2. This really does look fab, I'm dead excited to receive mine x

  3. I got that last year and been using since , not sure on a quality tho but maybe im doing something wrong :) xx

  4. I wouldn't say I'm in the market right now for a camcorder but I am hoping to get a portable one in the future. Will definitely keep this in mind, thanks for the review. :)

  5. Looks really good and compact! The quality is great too! xx


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