Beauty UK Review

Matte FX Foundation in 01 Ivory
Blush & Brush blusher in No.4 Rustic Peach
Glam Nails in Peach Melba & Slate
all c/o BeautyUK

BeautyUK weren’t a brand I was very aware of until recently, I had heard of them but never tried any of their products. The girls at Paperbacks & Beauty Facts were lucky enough to be offered a little selection of products to review after just one video and we jumped at the chance. Sadly we had a bit of a fuss when it came to actually receiving the products and we all felt a bit disappointed with the service. However when they finally turned up (in a pink jiffy bag nonetheless) we were all very excited!

Personally, I felt these products had a lot of potential. The nail polishes are beautiful shades, Peach Melba is a lovely summery peach and Slate is grey with a really nice lilac tinge. I was really happy to find that the foundation matched my skin really well as I’m kind of in between my summer and winter shade at the moment and I don’t like mixing my foundation. On first inspection I was slightly put off by the shade of the blusher but on closer viewing it’s a really nice coral type colour with hints of gold glitter.

Sadly, my excitement was pretty short lived with most of these products. At first I loved the foundation, the coverage is great and stays matte for a good few hours however I found that it became slightly patchy after an hour or so. After a few days of trying it out my skin had broken out and was a horrendous state, it just did not agree with the foundation for some reason. I’d been working really hard for months trying to get my skin back to a decent condition and I’m pretty devastated that all of my hard work is ruined. I’ve now been using this for little tiny touch ups on areas that need a bit more coverage or mattifying and it’s been okay so far, no major breakouts yet.

I love both of the nail polish shades and was very quick to try them out, however they didn’t even last 24 hours for me without chipping and peeling which was a big disappointment. I’m hoping that it was just a bad trial run so I definitely think I’ll use them again but maybe try a better topcoat, I’m in love with the Slate shade and Peach Melba will be lovely when the weather’s a bit nicer!

Now, I really didn’t expect to like the blush but I love it. It applies so well and gives a lovely subtle glow and I’ve been using it every day but sadly it broke in my make up bag so is now in tiny pieces. It’s a really beautiful shade which I shall feature in a FOTD post sometime soon. Fingers crossed I can resurrect the broken pieces in to a more usable form, it would be a real shame if I couldn’t and I think I would probably buy another if need be!

I feel like I’ve been a bit negative about these products, but I just feel like they could have been really great and fell a bit below the mark. I have my staple products that I tend to stick to when it comes to make up so I’m a little bit picky with others however they’re just missing that special something that makes me fall in love with a brand instantly. I think I’m going to pick up one of their eyeshadow palettes as they have had quite good reviews recently, just to give them a second chance.