13 Years: My School Experience

I was looking through all of my photos deciding on which ones I wanted to print for my wall at university when I got a tad nostalgic about my time at school. If you didn’t already know I recently finished my last year of high school and will be starting university in September, so I thought I would just share a little bit about my school experiences and what I thought about school.

I actually left school earlier than I should have – at the end of January I got an unconditional offer for the course I wanted to do but decided to stick school out till the end, however just over a month later I changed my mind and left. I’m in two minds about leaving early, I’m really glad I did as I just had no motivation for school and it all felt a bit pointless. At that time I was only doing two subjects and only really had one exam, I spent most of my time in school hanging about on the bridge (our common room type thing) with my friends. On the other hand I wish I could have spent my time out of school in a more productive manner, I’ve not entirely wasted it but it’s not been the busiest time of life.. The main issue for me really has been getting a job, I’m just not having any luck – like many other people – and it does get me quite down at times. Although, who can really complain about having a six month long summer? It was quite lonely at first but now all of my friends have officially finished too so I’m not spending every day in with the cat… My summer is starting to get pretty exciting and I just know it’s going to be over far too quickly, I’ll be in Aberdeen before I know it.

I did pretty well in school, I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved over the years and where it’s got me so far, but I do wish I’d been a bit more involved in extra curricular activities. I played netball for a while but my health took over, and then school work got in the way so I never really got back in to anything which is a shame. If I had to do it again I definitely would try to keep more things up.

I didn’t really hate school, but I didn’t love it either. At the end of the day I think it just wasn’t completely right for me, I didn’t feel motivated or pushed by my school and I didn’t really agree with how my school handled a lot of things. I met some absolutely amazing people at my school who I’m lucky to call my friends and I now have lots of really fun memories to show from it. They do say that your school days are the best days of your life after all!

This was a kind of pointless, rambling post but I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately and thought I would just share a little snippet of life outside of the blog. x