30 May 2013

Bargain Argan Essentials - Avon & Primark

Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave In Treatment (what a mouthful)
was £5.50 on sale for £3.30 at the moment!
Primark Hair Essentials Argan Oil conditioner - £2.50
I'm awfully late to jump on to the Argan Oil trend blog wise. I've never quite found my perfect product until I hit a double whammy and found two in one day. 

I was quite happily browsing in Primark after sitting my theory test and found this conditioner (with matching shampoo but I decided to leave it) and quickly snapped up a bottle. I've tried another Argan conditioner from Home Bargains which was 79p but I felt the bottle ran out insanely quickly so wasn't great value for money. I didn't have very high hopes for this conditioner but I was quite pleasantly surprised! When using it I felt it made my hair too clean feeling (if that's possible) and somewhat... squeaky? But after I dried it I couldn't believe how soft my hair felt! I like to alternate my shampoo and conditioners a lot but I think this will definitely become a permanent fixture in the line up.

When I went home later that day it turned out my mum had bought me the Avon hair oil which we had been talking about a while ago which I was pretty excited to use. I'm not a massive fan of hair oils and thought this one would be no different however it broke the mould for me. When I first used it I think I used waaaay too much so it left my hair feeling quite greasy, however the next day I used a lot less and it made a major difference. It really tames my frizz and has definitely helped with my dry ends. My hair feels a lot shinier and very healthy - plus this little oil smells so nice which can't hurt. My only issue with it is that I feel like it's tamed my hair a little bit too much, I like my hair quite curly with a lot of volume so I've just been using this on the ends of my hair and it's eradicated that problem. I doubt it would be a problem for anyone else!

What are your hair care essentials? Are you a fan of these Argan products?


26 May 2013

13 Years: My School Experience

I was looking through all of my photos deciding on which ones I wanted to print for my wall at university when I got a tad nostalgic about my time at school. If you didn't already know I recently finished my last year of high school and will be starting university in September, so I thought I would just share a little bit about my school experiences and what I thought about school.

I actually left school earlier than I should have - at the end of January I got an unconditional offer for the course I wanted to do but decided to stick school out till the end, however just over a month later I changed my mind and left. I'm in two minds about leaving early, I'm really glad I did as I just had no motivation for school and it all felt a bit pointless. At that time I was only doing two subjects and only really had one exam, I spent most of my time in school hanging about on the bridge (our common room type thing) with my friends. On the other hand I wish I could have spent my time out of school in a more productive manner, I've not entirely wasted it but it's not been the busiest time of life.. The main issue for me really has been getting a job, I'm just not having any luck - like many other people - and it does get me quite down at times. Although, who can really complain about having a six month long summer? It was quite lonely at first but now all of my friends have officially finished too so I'm not spending every day in with the cat... My summer is starting to get pretty exciting and I just know it's going to be over far too quickly, I'll be in Aberdeen before I know it.

I did pretty well in school, I'm really proud of what I've achieved over the years and where it's got me so far, but I do wish I'd been a bit more involved in extra curricular activities. I played netball for a while but my health took over, and then school work got in the way so I never really got back in to anything which is a shame. If I had to do it again I definitely would try to keep more things up.

I didn't really hate school, but I didn't love it either. At the end of the day I think it just wasn't completely right for me, I didn't feel motivated or pushed by my school and I didn't really agree with how my school handled a lot of things. I met some absolutely amazing people at my school who I'm lucky to call my friends and I now have lots of really fun memories to show from it. They do say that your school days are the best days of your life after all!

This was a kind of pointless, rambling post but I've been feeling very nostalgic lately and thought I would just share a little snippet of life outside of the blog. x

23 May 2013

Dirty Dolly Jewellery

All jewellery from Dirty Dolly Designs (won in a Twitter competition)
Hello! I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you all some lovely little jewellery bits I won on Twitter! Since Hayley won £200 worth of Boots Advantage Card points a while back I've been religiously entering various competitions and giveaways as well as filling in as many customer surveys as possible in the hope that I'll be lucky enough for a little windfall! I was so surprised to find out I'd won these lovely goodies and very excited when they arrived in the post.

Dirty Dolly have some gorgeous jewellery that's quite my style, including some amazing laser cut wood pieces such as the feather necklace above. I absolutely love this turquoise chevron necklace and this pretty dream catcher necklace too.

21 May 2013

MUA Mini Haul

Eyeshadow Trio in Smoke Screen - £2.50
Power Pout in Crazy In Love - £3
Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - £1
Matte Perfect Translucent Powder - £2.50 (I think!)
Pro Base Eye Primer - £2.50
I am an absolute sucker for MUA. Their products are such great quality and insanely cheap. Whenever I wander past a Superdrug I can't help but pop in and have a look at what MUA products are on sale and I pretty much always pick something up!
On my most recent spend I picked up these goodies in the 3 for 2 (I also got a gel eye liner for my mum which I didn't include in this post) and as usual I'm pretty damn impressed. I was originally wanting to pick up the powder and a Power Pout but instead came away with a bit more than I had intended. My cousin Zoe recommended the primer and I was planning on getting one at some point so decided to try it out, as well as getting a black liquid eyeliner for top ups and the little eyeshadow trio which I think I might use for my prom make up.
At the moment I have quite a hefty wishlist of MUA products - including almost all of the Power Pouts. They really are fantastic and for only £3 each I definitely will be adding more to my collection! They look pretty similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks but I've never tried them to be able to compare. They are super moisturising and have a really buildable colour which stays for hours.
After looking through my make up collection I realised that I have a lot of MUA products, so I think I'm going to try out a 'one product face' post or video sometime soon!

Do you love MUA as much as me? What are you favourite bargains from them?


19 May 2013

What I've Been Up To #3

Going to a wedding - new Lana Del Rey top - nails - Hummingbird Cake
Fooooood - new Sims game! - gym times - Friday night in
Yummy tea - Courteeners tee - playing Animal Crossing - my old Chemistry teacher
Amy being very patient and driving us home - Leaving school - sunny day - morning routine
Holiday purchases - homemade turkey burgers with baked feta - jewellery makes - outfit details


17 May 2013

OOTD - I hear the birds on the summer breeze

I couldn't help but share my gorgeous skirt with you all. I think I should rename the blog 'Chronicles of a Cat Lady'... Hey, cats on a skirt is cute okay!
This is what I wore last night to see the absolutely beautiful Lana Del Rey. Lana is one of my favourite artists and I've been so excited to finally get to see her and hear her stunning voice in the flesh. She was just as perfect as I expected. It's only right that I spend today listening to her songs on repeat, they just make me feel so girly and young. They're perfect for summer - which hasn't appeared yet - and good to annoy my neighbours by singing alongside at the top of my voice.
Tomorrow I have a craft fair during the day then I'm going to a wedding in the evening which I'm quite looking forward to, I just don't have a clue what to wear...

Lots of love,


15 May 2013

Inspect A Gadget with Moneysupermarket - Philips Esee HD Camcorder

Philips HD Esee Camcorder - Expansys (c/o Moneysupermarket)
I have to say, MoneySupermarket run some fantastic competitions for bloggers! I've previously entered both of their fun Passion For Fashion (1 & 2) competitions and I was really excited to take part in their latest!
Inspect A Gadget is all about finding the best budget gadgets that are ideal for travelling this summer. With our dependency on gadgets these days it could be worthwhile investing in travel insurance if you're planning on taking them on holiday with you, you might not realise just how much your little suitcase is worth until it's too late!

We were ever so kindly given the choice of reviewing either an e-reader, tablet, MP3 player, portable DVD player or a HD pocket camcorder - and I chose the camcorder. YouTube is something I've recently got very in to thanks to Paperbacks & Beauty Facts and I'm fully intending on getting my own YouTube channel up and running with little vlogs. This camcorder by Philips is a total bargain for the power it packs. With full 1080p HD, an adjustable touch screen and it's handy portable shape it is perfect for filming those spontaneous moments as well as more planned videos. It was ordered from Expansys with the standard delivery which is free if you spend over £50 and it came next day which was great! One of my favourite features of this camera is that as soon as you flip the screen open it automatically switches on and is ready to go, perfect for those spur of the moment opportunities to get a great video (You've Been Framed here I come!). Not only does it shoot amazing quality videos but also takes fantastic 8mp stills at the flick of a switch. Another handy little feature I found was the built in USB connection on the camera which saves worrying about losing cables just adding to it's portability and ease of use.

This year, I'm going on my first girls holiday to Kavos (eep) and this handy little camera will definitely have a place in my suitcase to help capture the chaos on Corfu! If you're after a handy, portable camcorder I would definitely recommend this as it is an amazing price for the quality it provides.

You can find out more about Inspect A Gadget on the MoneySupermarket website here.


13 May 2013

May Wishlist

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Here's just a few bits and pieces I've had my eye on recently! The Real Techniques brushes have been on my wish list for quite a while now and I think I'm going to pick up the core collection for face and for eyes after my birthday. 
I've just bought Sims 3 Seasons which I'm loving, but I'm always desperate to get the newest expansion which at the moment is University Life, I think I might wait until Island Paradise comes out before purchasing it in hope that the price comes down a tad. 
As you'll probably know my Leaver's Dinner (Prom type thing) is coming up on June 7th and I've been slowly putting my outfit together, I have my dress and shoes but I need to find a bag and possibly some jewellery. I'm not a big jewellery girl so I'm definitely going to wear a bit of glitter on my nails just for some added sparkle, Models Own Juicy Jules is my polish of choice for the moment!
I hadn't intended on picking a playsuit and shoes that go together so nicely, but after putting them together here they make quite a nice outfit! I'm possibly going to get the playsuit for my holiday in July, but I think paired with these gorgeous KG heels they would make quite a nice birthday outfit. I'm not 100% certain what I'll be doing for my birthday this year, but turning 18 needs some sort of celebration which a lovely new outfit goes hand in hand with!

What are you after at the moment?


11 May 2013

2013 Empties So Far

My first ever empties post woooo! Shame on me, I've always wanted to do an empties post but it just takes me so long to actually finish products so I decided that I would do a 'so far this year' empties rather than a monthly post. So, recently I have finished:

Lush Cupcake face mask - This was the only Lush face mask I ever used for quite a long time, it's been great for my skin and is really easy to use. It has a kind of chocolatey smell with a hint of mint and is aimed mostly at younger skin with a lot of antibacterial, skin clearing ingredients such as peppermint while also being moisturising which is a massive plus for me! Like most Lush face masks it retails at £5.95 but you get a lot of use out of a pot, plus if you collect five empty pots you get one for free! Will probably repurchase at some point in the future.

Lush Dragon's Egg bath bomb - I usually prefer bubble bars to bath bombs but the smell of this just intoxicated me. It's so lovely and fresh smelling. The main appeal of this bath bomb was the spectacle it puts on when put in the bath, it's a lovely little magic show with lots of foam, colour and even popping candy. I only got one use out of this which being £3.20 put me off a bit but it is a nice little treat - the bath left my skin lovely and soft!

Lush Oatifix face mask - I decided to try a new Lush face mask and went for Oatifix, it's now my favourite. It's got lots of oats and bananas in for a fantastic moisturising and exfoliating experience. I just love how it leaves my skin! It smells gorgeous too, a slight cinnamon scent on top of the banana and oats. Again it retails for £5.95 and I definitely will repurchase this!

Lush Creamy Candy bubble bar - Another Lush product... This is the cheapest bubble bar Lush sell so I picked it up to tide me over in between bigger bars. It smells lovely and sweet and turns the water pink and creamy. I got about 4 uses out of this one little bar so I was pretty happy with that! I probably will repurchase this, at only £2.50 for such a lovely Lush product it's well worth it.

Soap & Glory Hand Food (travel size) - This is my go to hand cream. It is amazing. Leaves my hands so soft and smelling amazing! I love the little travel size to just throw in my bag and go. I've had this tube for a really long time now and it's started to get a bit gunky around the lid so it's definitely time to be replaced! It's only £2.50 for the travel size which is really handy just to have.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser - I mentioned this in my Current Beauty Favourites video as it is my all time favourite moisturiser. I've used this for years and it's just perfect. Sinks in really well and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft as well as being noticeably clearer. I've already repurchased it as it is one of my staple products and a total bargain at only £3.79 and it tends to be on 3 for 2 quite a lot too!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Styling Spray - Also mentioned in my Current Beauty Favourites video, this is my holy grail every day hair product. I use this constantly and I've never quite found anything that lives up to it! It leaves my hair in really nice condition and helps to define my curls and tame the frizz. I will always repurchase this until I find something that ticks all of my oh-so-fussy boxes. It tends to be around the £5 mark but can usually be found on offer somewhere, Tesco regularly do a 3 for £10 on the whole Frizz Ease range so I always make the most of that!

What products have you been loving - or not loving - recently?


9 May 2013

Beauty UK Review

Matte FX Foundation in 01 Ivory
Blush & Brush blusher in No.4 Rustic Peach
Glam Nails in Peach Melba & Slate
all c/o BeautyUK
BeautyUK weren't a brand I was very aware of until recently, I had heard of them but never tried any of their products. The girls at Paperbacks & Beauty Facts were lucky enough to be offered a little selection of products to review after just one video and we jumped at the chance. Sadly we had a bit of a fuss when it came to actually receiving the products and we all felt a bit disappointed with the service. However when they finally turned up (in a pink jiffy bag nonetheless) we were all very excited!

Personally, I felt these products had a lot of potential. The nail polishes are beautiful shades, Peach Melba is a lovely summery peach and Slate is grey with a really nice lilac tinge. I was really happy to find that the foundation matched my skin really well as I'm kind of in between my summer and winter shade at the moment and I don't like mixing my foundation. On first inspection I was slightly put off by the shade of the blusher but on closer viewing it's a really nice coral type colour with hints of gold glitter.

Sadly, my excitement was pretty short lived with most of these products. At first I loved the foundation, the coverage is great and stays matte for a good few hours however I found that it became slightly patchy after an hour or so. After a few days of trying it out my skin had broken out and was a horrendous state, it just did not agree with the foundation for some reason. I'd been working really hard for months trying to get my skin back to a decent condition and I'm pretty devastated that all of my hard work is ruined. I've now been using this for little tiny touch ups on areas that need a bit more coverage or mattifying and it's been okay so far, no major breakouts yet.

I love both of the nail polish shades and was very quick to try them out, however they didn't even last 24 hours for me without chipping and peeling which was a big disappointment. I'm hoping that it was just a bad trial run so I definitely think I'll use them again but maybe try a better topcoat, I'm in love with the Slate shade and Peach Melba will be lovely when the weather's a bit nicer!

Now, I really didn't expect to like the blush but I love it. It applies so well and gives a lovely subtle glow and I've been using it every day but sadly it broke in my make up bag so is now in tiny pieces. It's a really beautiful shade which I shall feature in a FOTD post sometime soon. Fingers crossed I can resurrect the broken pieces in to a more usable form, it would be a real shame if I couldn't and I think I would probably buy another if need be!

I feel like I've been a bit negative about these products, but I just feel like they could have been really great and fell a bit below the mark. I have my staple products that I tend to stick to when it comes to make up so I'm a little bit picky with others however they're just missing that special something that makes me fall in love with a brand instantly. I think I'm going to pick up one of their eyeshadow palettes as they have had quite good reviews recently, just to give them a second chance.

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