24 Apr 2013

Summer Wishlist

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Just a little summer wishlist today! I've been on a bit of a spending ban (not that I've had money to spend) but I've had my eye on a few pieces for summer. I fell in love with the shoes when I spied them on ASOS, and then all over again when I spotted them on Katy Perry at Coachella so they have been granted a pretty permanent place on my wishlist. I've been loving dungarees lately and wishing I could pull them off, but I'm thinking with massive heels I might give it a go! I've had my eye on quite a few pairs lately but I really like this pair from Boohoo, as well as their plain black pair - both of which I think would  go really nicely with this cute little top from Topshop! I'm loving yellow at the moment and think this is so lovely and summery that I must have it in my summer wardrobe.
A couple of random non fashion-y pieces, but as most of you know I am obsessed with House M.D but am kind of disappointed by the lack of merchandise in the UK. Aside from this mug, I would love this Princeton Plainsboro t-shirt! Also - Cinnamon Roll chapstick?! AWESOME.



  1. Love the dungarees! Wish I could pull them off!


  2. love the dungarees and striped top!


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