An Exciting Collaboration – Paperbacks & Beauty Facts

Hellooooo! Me again, you probably didn’t notice due to the wonder of scheduled posting but I was away for a little while as my little ol’ netbook bit the dust however today I got my lovely new laptop (that plays Sims!) and it’s an absolute dream to use so it’s all speed ahead for me.

Anyway, you may have noticed on other blogs or on Twitter that I’m a part of a new collab vlogging channel on YouTube called Paperbacks and Beauty Facts. I was approached by Hayley who asked if I wanted to be involved in her project and obviously I said yes! Basically; we’re a group of 6 (soon to be 7) bloggers who decided to expand in to YouTube videos about pretty much everything, including books, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Each week we decide on a theme for the videos then every day a different one of us posts our video for that theme. My videos will be posted on a Thursday so keep an eye out for them! As this is our first week we’ve decided to start out with a little introduction video to let everyone get to know us a bit before we get started. my introduction video launched today so you can go laugh at my funny accent here! It’s really not what you’d expect – trust me.

I’m super excited to be a part of this, it’s such a great idea and it’s really fun to work with all of the other lovely girls on something that’s a bit new for all of us! You can find our channel on YouTube here or just click the little button over on my sidebar. You can also follow us all on Twitter at @paperbackbeauty. Make sure you check it out and subscribe to get our videos right on your home page every day!

Lots of love,