30 Apr 2013

Sharing The Love - April



Another three lovely blogs for you all to check out this month! Abbey, Sam and Gemma are another three blogs that I love to read. I have serious hair envy when it comes to Abbey's gorgeous outfits, Sam's blog is fully of fantastically honest posts (I really liked her recent post about not going to university) and Gemma is my go to when I fancy some new beauty treats. Make sure you have a nosey - you might just find a new favourite. Remember to leave your links in the comments and you might find yourself appearing in one of these posts!

It's crazy that April is so close to being over. May has a few exciting things in store, including a cheeky return to school for two days to join in the leavers fun, going to see the beautiful Lana Del Rey and hopefully some sunny weather! I remember last May having some absolutely glorious weather and featured a couple of trips to the beach. Speaking of day trips - a MASSIVE congrats to my BFF Amy who passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago and is now my personal chauffeur (she did offer..) I can't wait for the impromptu drive-thru journeys and shopping trips!


28 Apr 2013

Outfit of the day - And the walls kept tumbling down

I need to learn to smile.

Hello! I've been trying to get back in to posting OOTDs a bit more often, but I've just not been liking the photos I've taken. Do we like the little added details on the photo? I've been having fun playing about with all of the little graphics on my blog - hence the new 'listening to' feature. I used to try and post a little playlist on each post but I think it's a bit easier to just choose one song, usually which the post title derived from, then keep my playlists to a monthly occurrence.
I love this top. I got it last September during a student lock in at Buchanan Galleries and I just love the print! It's a lovely silky material and has a peplum waist which makes it a bit dressier than my normal tops but can just as easily be dressed down. Pointless fact, but I wore it on my first visit to my future university! It featured in Lana Del Rey's campaign for H&M which just meant I had to have it. I'm actually going to see her in a couple of weeks and I'm very excited - despite it being moved to my least favourite venue. Do any Glaswegians actually like the SECC as a concert venue? Much prefer the O2 Academy for artists like Lana. Anyway, I'm rambling.
I wore this on a little shopping trip with my friend Sarah yesterday. I had intended on getting quite a few things off of my 'to buy' list but in the end only managed to get my shoes for my leavers dinner (prom type thing) but I'm quite happy with that!


26 Apr 2013

Paperbacks & Beauty Facts Week FOUR!

So like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I'm a part of a little YouTube collaboration channel called Paperbacks & Beauty facts and this week is our fourth week! I can't believe it's almost been a whole month of this exciting project and I'm so proud of all the work we've put in to it. We've had some amazing feedback so far and hopefully it just keeps growing and growing from here! This week we had a natter about what we've been currently reading, so if you fancy having a peek at that you can click right here.

Before PB&BF I never thought I would have the guts to film myself and post it on YouTube, but thanks to this I now realise that it is a LOT of fun and I'm just bursting to make even more videos! A massive thank you to everyone who has watched, commented and subscribed and I hope you all enjoy what we have to offer - with lots more to come!


24 Apr 2013

Summer Wishlist

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Just a little summer wishlist today! I've been on a bit of a spending ban (not that I've had money to spend) but I've had my eye on a few pieces for summer. I fell in love with the shoes when I spied them on ASOS, and then all over again when I spotted them on Katy Perry at Coachella so they have been granted a pretty permanent place on my wishlist. I've been loving dungarees lately and wishing I could pull them off, but I'm thinking with massive heels I might give it a go! I've had my eye on quite a few pairs lately but I really like this pair from Boohoo, as well as their plain black pair - both of which I think would  go really nicely with this cute little top from Topshop! I'm loving yellow at the moment and think this is so lovely and summery that I must have it in my summer wardrobe.
A couple of random non fashion-y pieces, but as most of you know I am obsessed with House M.D but am kind of disappointed by the lack of merchandise in the UK. Aside from this mug, I would love this Princeton Plainsboro t-shirt! Also - Cinnamon Roll chapstick?! AWESOME.


22 Apr 2013

Spring Cleaning


So I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but I took a bit of a break from blogging. I'm not too sure why but ultimately I just fell out of love with it for a while because of  things happening outside of the internet and decided the best thing to do was take a little breather. I'm glad I did as I'm starting  to feel a little more inspired and after a bit of a revamp for spring (including a fancy new about me page and a little location update in the sidebar!) I think I'm finally ready to get myself back in to the swing of things!

I'd like to think I've been too busy the past couple of weeks but I really haven't... A few of my friends turned 18 which involved a couple of parties and a ride to afternoon tea in a limo (such fun) but I've also just been playing The Sims a lot. If you know me, or even just follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I'm incredibly obsessed with The Sims and was unable to play it for a year as it randomly stopped working on the computer! However all is well now as it works on my new laptop and I think I've got it out of my system for now. I'm trying to take a week off of playing now so we'll see how that goes...

Sadly it's still all quiet on the job front which has been getting me a bit down lately, but I'm really hoping that it changes soon.

Hopefully you've not all missed me too much, eh?


10 Apr 2013

Confessions of a Blogger Tag

I don't usually go for tags, but Hayley tagged me to do this on Monday and it seemed pretty interesting so I decided to give it a go!

1. When did you start your blog?
I've had my blog for a loooong time, my first official post was in August 2010 but even then I'd had this little space for a while before starting to use it.

2. Why did you start your blog?
I was originally inspired to start a blog by Gem Fatale but I didn't keep it up very well at first, I then got a lot more in to blogging and decided it would be a pretty valuable asset to have on my CV/personal statement and ultimately help me use my 'passion for fashion' (what a cliché) to help me get further towards my goals in life.

3. Did you have any other past online presence before?
Yup - like most typical teenagers I was on all the social networks really! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr... back when I was around 13 I had an abundance of Piczo sites dedicated to photoshop and other things too.

4. When did you first become serious about your blog?
I would say maybe early 2011? I can't quite remember, but I got quite ill towards the end of 2011 and it became less important for a while. I'd say I've been incredibly serious about it since this time last year.

5. What was your first post?
Wow, reading it back is very embarrassing. I suppose it was an introduction post but it turned in to a rant about the new blazers my school brought in that were navy when our uniform was black... Teenage girl problems.

6. What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
Telling people about it. I'm not embarrassed of my blog in the slightest, in fact I'm quite proud of it, but I just feel awkward telling people. I think I'm mostly just scared of peoples reactions. I actually found out yesterday that my mum reads my blog, and I kind of wish I'd told her sooner but I'm glad she knows now and I don't have to be so nervous about it. At the end of the day, this blog is a great experience for me and I'm proud of all the hard work I've put in. I remember when some people at school somehow found it and I was SO embarrassed but they only had nice things to say about it!

7. Where do you see your blog in a year?
Hopefully not falling to pieces... I'm not sure really. I'm having a bit of a crisis at the moment blog wise as I'm not sure where to go from here, but hopefully this time next year I'll be including a lot more outfits alongside my rambles. Who knows, I don't like to set a very distinct path as it disheartens me if things don't go how I planned, I like to just set a very rough aim and work my way there.

8. What is the most rewarding thing, to you, about blogging?
Probably people telling me that they've enjoyed or agree with what I ramble on about. It's a shallow thing to say but it's always nice to have your effort appreciated. Also - some of the people I've met through this amazing community!

9. What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?
Seeing other bloggers do well really, for example, Gem who I mentioned earlier now has basically my dream job at Company Magazine, something that I would really like to do in the future. 

10. Who do you tag?
Amy, Zoe, Islay, Sam and anyone else who would like to do it!

8 Apr 2013

Shellac Nails @ Zen Lifestyle

'Rock Royalty' by CND
Whilst attending the Zen Lifestyle relaunch with Hayley last Thursday (full post here) I was lucky enough to nab a cancellation slot to receive a complimentary Shellac manicure. I'd never had the chance to try Shellac before although I have always been intrigued - nail polish that lasts for around 2 weeks?! So, curiosity got the better of me and I jumped at the chance to give it a go.

Hailed as the world's first 'super polish' Shellac claims to provide fourteen days of chip free, smudgeless and super shiny nail colour whilst also improving the health of your nails. The process involves multiple layers of CND Shellac base coat, colour coats and a top coat while also 'curing' the layers in between steps with an UV nail lamp.

I was originally drawn to a super bright turquoise colour, however sadly the bottle was empty and I opted for this gorgeous plum hue - Rock Royalty - instead. Rock Royalty is a dark purple with an incredibly subtle glitter in direct light which I tried my best to pick up with my flash in the last picture above. This is quite a wintery shade however I absolutely love it, at the moment I'm wearing a lot of similar shades on my nails with Purple Grey by Models Own being a firm favourite.

Not every nail has been painted perfectly but it's not really obvious unless you're picky like me, however I feel that if you're paying to have your nails painted they really should be perfect - especially if it's meant to last for two weeks. I'm quite impressed by how well this nail polish has lasted so far, even after quite a busy weekend my nails are still chip free and very shiny. It's not even been a week yet though, so I may do a little update post when it comes to removal time, but usually my nail polish has a few chips at this stage. I do give them a little polish with a cotton pad just to stop them dulling down, but I don't think this is really necessary.

At Zen Lifestyle the Shellac manicure will set you back £42, which is a little out of my league for a regular treatment. I think Shellac would be perfect for going on holiday as it removes the stress of having to top up any chips caused by the usual holiday activities. I'm definitely going to try get myself booked in for an updated Shellac closer to my holiday in July, I wonder how well it would cope with a girls holiday in Kavos...

6 Apr 2013

Zen Lifestyle Event

Hayley having her Shellac
On Thursday I was invited to the relaunch of the award winning salon Zen Lifestyle through in Edinburgh so seized the opportunity for a little day out! Hayley and I decided to go through a little bit early (and meet up for the first time!) to grab some lunch and have a wander. We ended up going to Mama's pizzeria where we had a very enjoyable pizza - mine just boring tuna whilst Hayley opted for banana and chicken - and 'admired' the slightly questionable wall art... Would definitely recommend it though, the pizza was delicious and you are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to toppings!

After dinner we headed up to the salon and had little tour. The event was mainly to celebrate the refurbishment of the salon on Teviot Place which offers many treatments, from Shellac nails and HD Brows to multiple skin treatments including a new laser treatment 'Clear + Brilliant'. The lovely ladies at the salon showed us all of their fancy treatment rooms which are all full of the latest tech - from mood lighting to personalised playlists - and we got to have a little nosey of other guests experiencing some of the treatments. Hayley and I had missed out on booking any treatments but we luckily managed to grab a cancellation slot for Shellac just before we left which I will do a more in depth review of in a separate post. If I had managed to book a treatment before I probably would have opted for the lash extensions as it's something I've always wanted to try!

On our way out we were given some lovely little goody bags including a Murad cleanser, a beautiful smelling candle and a voucher for £20 off of a facial. If you're in Edinburgh and fancy a little pamper session I would definitely recommend heading here, the salon is so fresh and welcoming and the staff all seem incredibly knowledgeable and talented. It's a bit out of my way, and a little beyond my currently empty bank account's dreams, however I would definitely love to return to try out some more treatments - I'm loving my Shellac nails!

You can find out a bit more about Zen Lifestyle, their locations, treatments and price list on their website here.

3 Apr 2013

An Exciting Collaboration - Paperbacks & Beauty Facts

Hellooooo! Me again, you probably didn't notice due to the wonder of scheduled posting but I was away for a little while as my little ol' netbook bit the dust however today I got my lovely new laptop (that plays Sims!) and it's an absolute dream to use so it's all speed ahead for me.

Anyway, you may have noticed on other blogs or on Twitter that I'm a part of a new collab vlogging channel on YouTube called Paperbacks and Beauty Facts. I was approached by Hayley who asked if I wanted to be involved in her project and obviously I said yes! Basically; we're a group of 6 (soon to be 7) bloggers who decided to expand in to YouTube videos about pretty much everything, including books, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Each week we decide on a theme for the videos then every day a different one of us posts our video for that theme. My videos will be posted on a Thursday so keep an eye out for them! As this is our first week we've decided to start out with a little introduction video to let everyone get to know us a bit before we get started. my introduction video launched today so you can go laugh at my funny accent here! It's really not what you'd expect - trust me.

I'm super excited to be a part of this, it's such a great idea and it's really fun to work with all of the other lovely girls on something that's a bit new for all of us! You can find our channel on YouTube here or just click the little button over on my sidebar. You can also follow us all on Twitter at @paperbackbeauty. Make sure you check it out and subscribe to get our videos right on your home page every day!

Lots of love,

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