Sister Vintage

Earrings, M&M necklace and ring all from Mystery Goody Bag for £2, triangle necklace was £3 but now out of stock
My jewellery collection is rapidly expanding at the moment and I’m quite enjoying having lots of choice when it comes to what pieces to wear. On Tuesday I noticed on Twitter that Sister Vintage were doing an amazing deal where for just £2 you get a mystery goody bag containing a necklace, earrings and a ring. At £2 it was hard to resist! While I was browsing the site seeing if they had anything else I fancied I came across this lovely gold triangle necklace and had to have it, I’d been after something similar for quite a while. I have a slightly similar necklace from Primark in silver but it’s a bit smaller and it was the same price anyway. I’m absolutely in love with this ring, it’s so pretty and will go with lots. The colours in it are really beautiful together despite being quite plain and neutral separately. I also received an incredibly cute M&M’s necklace which is just adorable – who doesn’t love chocolate? And the cameo earrings make me feel awfully sophisticated… If that’s possible?!
Sister Vintage have a great range of jewellery for bargain prices so I’d definitely recommend having a nosey. You lovely lot can get a 10% discount with the code ‘colourscarousel’. I know that quite a lot of items have gone out of stock in the past couple of days so I’d be quick if I were you! Postage is £1.90 in the UK and is super quick – I ordered these on Tuesday night and they arrived Thursday morning. 
Lots of love,