Currently Wishing For: Cath Kidston

MugTicket holder Wash bagPlatesPhoto frameSet of 3 tins

Cath Kidston are a brand I have loved for years now, I adore the beautiful floral prints and super cute home ware! I only own a few bits and pieces from Cath Kidston – a make-up bag, coin purse, Kindle case, bag and my favourite mug and bowl – but I’ve been after a couple of new pieces for a while. The home ware always impresses me and makes me want to spend and seeing as I’m mostly shopping for bits and bobs for university it seemed only right that I would look to Cath for some ideas! I’m really loving all of their SS13 collection so far, and I’m hopefully going to pick up at least a mug or photo frame while I’m in Aberdeen (where I currently am right now if this post publishes on time!).

Lots of love,