What’s In My Bag

Top row L-R: Lush Gorgeous face cream, iPod Touch & Griffin Caps headphones, Tesco 2013 diary, John Frieda make up bag from Brilliant Brunette gift set & various bits and pieces of make up
Bottom row L-R: Soap & Glory hand sanitiser, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Cath Kidston coin purse, Primark purse

It’s been a while since I did a What’s In My Bag post and seeing as I recently purchased this bargain bag from Primark I thought I’d post a little updated version! I’d been after a bag like this for a while and decided to treat myself to the Primark version as I was in desperate need of a new bag. This bag is the perfect size for all of my usual bits and pieces with plenty of room left over for extras, it makes a decent overnight bag and has room to carry my camera (Nikon D3100) which is a must for any of my bags.
My Handbag Essentials
1. Face cream – I like to carry a little pot of moisturiser just in case, I have quite dry skin so it’s nice to have something to perk it up. At the moment I have a sample sized pot of Gorgeous from Lush, but when this runs out I’ll probably return to my trusty Simple moisturiser.
2. iPod & phone – Music, Twitter, Temple Run, texting & Instagram take up a decent chunk of my time so I always carry my phone and iPod with me. I was super lucky to receive my iPod touch as a present from my insanely generous boyfriend at Christmas and it goes everywhere with me. The standard Apple headphones don’t fit my ears very well (tiny ears..) so I always have a pair with the jelly in-ear buds and these purple Caps by Griffin are my current favourite, I also have a green version as my spare pair.
3. Diary – This beautiful diary was a total bargain in Tesco, I think it was about £3. It’s a day to a page which sometimes makes me feel like I’m wasting a lot of space but it’s handy to have lots of room for notes, ideas and sadly homework deadlines.
4. Make up bag – This little bag houses all of my daily make up essentials like my foundation, lip balm and a few brushes which is always useful to have around for touching up my make up on the go. I tend to throw in whatever items I’ve used that morning and I keep my little collection of MUA lipsticks in there too.
5. Hand sanitiser – I’m not an overly obsessive person but I do like to keep my hands clean so I like to have a little sanitiser within easy reach. My current choice is by Soap & Glory which was a steal at £2.50 and smells lovely and fruity. Plus the pink packaging is cute…
6. Coin purse – I don’t actually use this to keep my coins in, instead I use it as a little first aid kit. I keep various medications in there in case of emergency and also some plasters and antiseptic wipes as I’m an awfully clumsy girl!
7. Purse – It was love at first sight with this beautiful burgundy purse from Primark. It’s quilted with little heart shapes and studs and has plenty of room for all my various cards and tickets. Sadly the change section is often empty, shopaholic woes. 
8. My camera – I rarely go out without my trusty camera, I like to document life so take a lot of photos of what I get up to. If it’s not really suitable to take my camera I tend to use my iPod camera (great quality for an iPod) or my phone to take my little snaps.
9. My Kindle – I forgot to photograph this, silly me. On public transport I like having something to read so my Kindle is a must. I have hundreds of books on mine so I’m never stuck without something to read, my current book of choice is Paper Towns by John Green and I’ve just finished reading The Running Man by Stephen King which I would definitely recommend.
I love having a nosey in to other people’s bags, I like to see what people carry around with them day to day so I really enjoy reading these types of posts. What would you say your handbag essentials are?
Lots of love,