What I’ve Been Up To #2

Baking day; just over a month to go!; Valentine’s day; meal in Edinburgh; catching up on LFW in bed;
pretty new shirt; my gorgeous flowers; collecting pieces for university; typical sunset photo;
reading material; Lush baths; relaxing with my boy in front of the fire.

Hello again! Been slightly lacking the past couple of days, I’m feeling quite flu-y at the moment sadly 🙁 Also been making some pretty big decisions and applying for hundreds of jobs – hopefully something good will come of this! I was intending to make the Instagram catch up post a weekly thing but decided to make it a fortnightly thing instead and on the weeks in between possibly a little crafty or food post, what would you like to see?
Today I finally got an upgrade thanks to the lovely folk at Vodafone and I am now a proud owner of an iPhone! Since getting my iPod touch at Christmas my desperation for an iPhone had increased and finally satisfied. Time to start shopping for pretty cases methinks.
This weekend I’m going up to Aberdeen with Amy to visit my future university and home, as well as doing a bit of shopping too. I’m really excited to get away and to see Aberdeen again. Also, I can’t believe it’s almost March already! Only four months till I go on my first girls holiday and six months until I move.

Lots of love,