What I’ve Been Up To #1

Elie Beach; Pretty canvas in our holiday cottage; little present from my mum;
unexpected snow; my sewing machine; yummy ice cream; new tripod; Mum’s 50th;
studying with Ginger; lazy night in; starting a new book; pathetic attempt at a jigsaw;
the best e-mail I’ve ever received & the Dominos to celebrate it!

Hello my lovelies, sorry it’s been a bit quiet this weekend but I’ve been on a lovely little holiday to the seaside. Home now and everything is suddenly coated in very thick snow! I’m going to spend the day browsing Pinterest in bed and possibly baking while wearing my onesie and being sad about going back to school tomorrow. However tomorrow is Valentine’s Day which will be nice, we’re going through to Edinburgh this weekend to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and I’m very excited! Putting these posts together always make me very hungry… I think it’s time to make some lunch.

Lots of love