Sleepezzze Sleep Rollers

Sleepezze Sleep Rollers – Social Discount Network, £5 for 20 until midnight 19/2/13 (RRP £15.99)

Sleep rollers seem to be quite a thing at the moment and if I’m honest they never really appealed to me. As you’ll probably have noticed my hair is naturally really curly and my curls are something I’m proud of. When I was younger old ladies always used to stop me in the street to rant about how they paid so much for a perm when I was lucky enough to have natural curls… Anyway, when it comes to curling products I can take them or leave them, if I am wanting to emphasise my curls a bit I tend to use my heated rollers from Babyliss which are great but heavy. I’d read a few posts on various brands of these rollers and was intrigued by them but had no intention to spend any money on something that probably wouldn’t do much for me. Luckily my mum spotted them on Social Discount Network at a bargain price of £5 for 20 rollers and decided to order them for me (probably her too, but she claims they’re for me).

If you’re not already familiar with the concept sleep rollers are basically velcro rollers with a foam barrel to make them somewhat more comfortable so they can be slept in overnight. I was a bit reluctant to sleep in them as I thought they would be incredibly awkward however these didn’t disturb me too much. I wouldn’t go as far too say they’re comfortable enough to sleep in every night, but they aren’t uncomfortable enough that they will keep you up all night. I’ve never used velcro rollers before so was quite worried about their staying power but these little beauties pleasantly surprised me there as they were still perfectly in place when I woke the next morning – and I move a lot in my sleep! These rollers gave my hair an insane amount of volume, but sadly didn’t do as well as I would have liked with curls. They do definitely give you some, I just prefer more. Silly me didn’t get a chance to take a photo this morning, but by the time I’d got back from school the curls & volume had decreased greatly. I’m sure with a bit of hairspray they would stay a lot longer but I’m not a big fan of using hairspray unless it’s a special occasion.

Ultimately, I do like these rollers, just not for sleeping in. They’re lovely and light which is a pleasant change from my usual heated rollers and they do wonders when it comes to volume. I think they’d be great to have around if you just wanted to stick them in while doing your make up etc. before a special occasion but I feel that they just give me a bit too much volume for daily wear. However that’s just my personal taste, so if you like lots and lots of volume all of the time I would definitely recommend these. At just £5 they’re a nifty little addition to my haircare collection!

What is your favourite styling tool for curls?

Lots of love,