February Beauty Haul

Rimmel Apocalips in 301 Galaxy £5.99, Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 19 £5.49,
Rimmel Apocalips in 400 Big Bang (3 for 2 in Boots)

Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy (top) and Big Bang (bottom)

Soap and Glory Righteous Butter & Flake Away travel miniatures
and Soap and Glory Hand Maid anti-bacterial hand gel £2.50 each.
(Bought with Boots advantage points, also on 3 for 2 in Boots)

Make Up Academy lipsticks in shade 9 (L) and 7 (R) £1 each

Shade 9 (left) and shade 7 (right)

GOSH ‘Effect Powder’ (I think these are eyeshadows?) in Greeny and Mink reduced to 49p in Superdrug

Top is Greeny, bottom is Mink

Top to bottom: Rimmel Lasting Finish shade 19, MUA lipstick shade 7, shade 9, Rimmel Apocalips Galaxy, Big Bang

Sorry about these photos, I wasn’t using my usual camera! Anyway. Last weekend I had one last shopping trip before my February spending ban and I picked up quite a few beauty related bits and pieces. I also got a lovely pink leather notebook and a navy Topshop shirt for a total bargain of £3 in Oxfam D.I.Y on Byres Road, but I’m hoping to blog about that at a later date!

As you can see, lipsticks are my thing at the moment. Rimmel Apocalips is a product that is aaaall over the beauty blogosphere at the moment so I just had to see if they live up to the hype – long story short they definitely do! They’re not perfect, but they are great and I would definitely recommend them. I bought Galaxy, a slightly dark pink/purple colour for daytime, and Big Bang which is a very bright red. These were the only two shades that appealed to me at first so I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer in Boots and picked up another of Rimmel’s Kate Moss lipsticks. If you haven’t already tried them you’re missing out! These are some of the best lipsticks that I’ve tried and I own multiple shades. The colour and pigmentation is perfect, they feel lovely and moisturising and they have great staying power! Whilst on the subject of lipsticks, I also picked up two by MUA in Superdrug. At only £1 they are a total bargain and well worth it! Obviously at that price they’re not going to be perfect but there isn’t too much to fault them on apart from staying power. Shade 7 is a lovely coral-y shade which will be lovely for Spring and shade 9 is a pink/brown shade that I wear most days. They’re really handy to just throw in your bag!

Aside from lipsticks I also picked up these two little powder things from GOSH as they were reduced to 49p in Superdrug. I’ve never tried any GOSH cosmetics before and to be honest I had no idea what these are as they are just called ‘effect powders’ – any ideas? Anyway, I thought they’d make nice eyeshadows for going out as they are nice and glittery with great pigmentation. They’re a bit messy to apply but that’s not a big con for me – especially when they only cost 49p. I tried to find the original price on the Superdrug website but there is no sign of them or anything similar!

I’ve had my eye on the Soap & Glory hand gel for a while as I love the trademark S&G scent and while I was looking for it I realised that the travel sized Soap & Glory products were on 3 for 2 so I took the opportunity to try a couple of new things, in the end I used my points to pay so it didn’t cost me a thing. The hand gel is your standard anti-bacterial hand gel but replacing the horrible alcohol smell with the lovely Soap & Glory scent. It’s now a permanent fixture in my bag! I tend to use Soap & Glory’s ‘The Scrub of Your Life’ as my usual scrub but decided to give Flake Away a try. It’s a lot gentler than TSOYL and smells just as nice, but as I’ve previously mentioned I have really dry skin so like a bit of a rougher scrub. It does leave my skin noticeably softer though! The Righteous Butter is really similar to other Soap & Glory body butters, it’s nice and moisturising and sinks in well. My go to moisturiser is actually a prescribed one so it is nice to use one that smells nicer!

Have you picked up any great bargains lately?