Being Crafty

WHAT I USED: empty shoe box, Company magazine, scissors, glue stick and washi tape

I like to think of myself as quite a crafty person, I do enjoy dabbling in various crafts. At the moment I’ve been shopping for a lot of storage type things – mostly for my make up – and I decided to utilise the random shoe boxes lying around my room! I’m a total hoarder of magazines for some reason, I’ve got quite a set routine when it comes to reading them: skim once, read properly, read again and rip out pages I like. This little habit has resulted in a VERY messy room. Company is easily my favourite magazine, it just appeals to me in every way, the features are fantastic and the clothes are always beautiful. This box took about 40 minutes to make, but I did get a bit distracted and re-read some of the magazines so if you have the concentration it could be a reasonably quick wee job. Basically, I just glued some of my favourite pages and headlines all over then used this super cute washi tape to neaten up the edges! I think I’m going to use this box to keep some of my make up bits and pieces in hence the ‘Beauty Desk’ label.
All in all, this was a fun little thing to spend my afternoon doing. It’s a super cute box and I’m definitely going to make myself some more for various bits and bobs!

Have you had any crafty exploits lately? Link me up!

Lots of love,