27 Feb 2013

What I've Been Up To #2

Baking day; just over a month to go!; Valentine's day; meal in Edinburgh; catching up on LFW in bed;
pretty new shirt; my gorgeous flowers; collecting pieces for university; typical sunset photo;
reading material; Lush baths; relaxing with my boy in front of the fire.
Hello again! Been slightly lacking the past couple of days, I'm feeling quite flu-y at the moment sadly :( Also been making some pretty big decisions and applying for hundreds of jobs - hopefully something good will come of this! I was intending to make the Instagram catch up post a weekly thing but decided to make it a fortnightly thing instead and on the weeks in between possibly a little crafty or food post, what would you like to see?
Today I finally got an upgrade thanks to the lovely folk at Vodafone and I am now a proud owner of an iPhone! Since getting my iPod touch at Christmas my desperation for an iPhone had increased and finally satisfied. Time to start shopping for pretty cases methinks.
This weekend I'm going up to Aberdeen with Amy to visit my future university and home, as well as doing a bit of shopping too. I'm really excited to get away and to see Aberdeen again. Also, I can't believe it's almost March already! Only four months till I go on my first girls holiday and six months until I move.

Lots of love,


21 Feb 2013

Being Crafty

WHAT I USED: empty shoe box, Company magazine, scissors, glue stick and washi tape
I like to think of myself as quite a crafty person, I do enjoy dabbling in various crafts. At the moment I've been shopping for a lot of storage type things - mostly for my make up - and I decided to utilise the random shoe boxes lying around my room! I'm a total hoarder of magazines for some reason, I've got quite a set routine when it comes to reading them: skim once, read properly, read again and rip out pages I like. This little habit has resulted in a VERY messy room. Company is easily my favourite magazine, it just appeals to me in every way, the features are fantastic and the clothes are always beautiful. This box took about 40 minutes to make, but I did get a bit distracted and re-read some of the magazines so if you have the concentration it could be a reasonably quick wee job. Basically, I just glued some of my favourite pages and headlines all over then used this super cute washi tape to neaten up the edges! I think I'm going to use this box to keep some of my make up bits and pieces in hence the 'Beauty Desk' label.
All in all, this was a fun little thing to spend my afternoon doing. It's a super cute box and I'm definitely going to make myself some more for various bits and bobs!

Have you had any crafty exploits lately? Link me up!

Lots of love,


19 Feb 2013

Sleepezzze Sleep Rollers

Sleepezze Sleep Rollers - Social Discount Network, £5 for 20 until midnight 19/2/13 (RRP £15.99)
Sleep rollers seem to be quite a thing at the moment and if I'm honest they never really appealed to me. As you'll probably have noticed my hair is naturally really curly and my curls are something I'm proud of. When I was younger old ladies always used to stop me in the street to rant about how they paid so much for a perm when I was lucky enough to have natural curls... Anyway, when it comes to curling products I can take them or leave them, if I am wanting to emphasise my curls a bit I tend to use my heated rollers from Babyliss which are great but heavy. I'd read a few posts on various brands of these rollers and was intrigued by them but had no intention to spend any money on something that probably wouldn't do much for me. Luckily my mum spotted them on Social Discount Network at a bargain price of £5 for 20 rollers and decided to order them for me (probably her too, but she claims they're for me).

If you're not already familiar with the concept sleep rollers are basically velcro rollers with a foam barrel to make them somewhat more comfortable so they can be slept in overnight. I was a bit reluctant to sleep in them as I thought they would be incredibly awkward however these didn't disturb me too much. I wouldn't go as far too say they're comfortable enough to sleep in every night, but they aren't uncomfortable enough that they will keep you up all night. I've never used velcro rollers before so was quite worried about their staying power but these little beauties pleasantly surprised me there as they were still perfectly in place when I woke the next morning - and I move a lot in my sleep! These rollers gave my hair an insane amount of volume, but sadly didn't do as well as I would have liked with curls. They do definitely give you some, I just prefer more. Silly me didn't get a chance to take a photo this morning, but by the time I'd got back from school the curls & volume had decreased greatly. I'm sure with a bit of hairspray they would stay a lot longer but I'm not a big fan of using hairspray unless it's a special occasion.

Ultimately, I do like these rollers, just not for sleeping in. They're lovely and light which is a pleasant change from my usual heated rollers and they do wonders when it comes to volume. I think they'd be great to have around if you just wanted to stick them in while doing your make up etc. before a special occasion but I feel that they just give me a bit too much volume for daily wear. However that's just my personal taste, so if you like lots and lots of volume all of the time I would definitely recommend these. At just £5 they're a nifty little addition to my haircare collection!

What is your favourite styling tool for curls?

Lots of love,


17 Feb 2013

What's In My Bag

Top row L-R: Lush Gorgeous face cream, iPod Touch & Griffin Caps headphones, Tesco 2013 diary, John Frieda make up bag from Brilliant Brunette gift set & various bits and pieces of make up
Bottom row L-R: Soap & Glory hand sanitiser, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Cath Kidston coin purse, Primark purse

It's been a while since I did a What's In My Bag post and seeing as I recently purchased this bargain bag from Primark I thought I'd post a little updated version! I'd been after a bag like this for a while and decided to treat myself to the Primark version as I was in desperate need of a new bag. This bag is the perfect size for all of my usual bits and pieces with plenty of room left over for extras, it makes a decent overnight bag and has room to carry my camera (Nikon D3100) which is a must for any of my bags.

My Handbag Essentials
1. Face cream - I like to carry a little pot of moisturiser just in case, I have quite dry skin so it's nice to have something to perk it up. At the moment I have a sample sized pot of Gorgeous from Lush, but when this runs out I'll probably return to my trusty Simple moisturiser.
2. iPod & phone - Music, Twitter, Temple Run, texting & Instagram take up a decent chunk of my time so I always carry my phone and iPod with me. I was super lucky to receive my iPod touch as a present from my insanely generous boyfriend at Christmas and it goes everywhere with me. The standard Apple headphones don't fit my ears very well (tiny ears..) so I always have a pair with the jelly in-ear buds and these purple Caps by Griffin are my current favourite, I also have a green version as my spare pair.
3. Diary - This beautiful diary was a total bargain in Tesco, I think it was about £3. It's a day to a page which sometimes makes me feel like I'm wasting a lot of space but it's handy to have lots of room for notes, ideas and sadly homework deadlines.
4. Make up bag - This little bag houses all of my daily make up essentials like my foundation, lip balm and a few brushes which is always useful to have around for touching up my make up on the go. I tend to throw in whatever items I've used that morning and I keep my little collection of MUA lipsticks in there too.
5. Hand sanitiser - I'm not an overly obsessive person but I do like to keep my hands clean so I like to have a little sanitiser within easy reach. My current choice is by Soap & Glory which was a steal at £2.50 and smells lovely and fruity. Plus the pink packaging is cute...
6. Coin purse - I don't actually use this to keep my coins in, instead I use it as a little first aid kit. I keep various medications in there in case of emergency and also some plasters and antiseptic wipes as I'm an awfully clumsy girl!
7. Purse - It was love at first sight with this beautiful burgundy purse from Primark. It's quilted with little heart shapes and studs and has plenty of room for all my various cards and tickets. Sadly the change section is often empty, shopaholic woes. 
8. My camera - I rarely go out without my trusty camera, I like to document life so take a lot of photos of what I get up to. If it's not really suitable to take my camera I tend to use my iPod camera (great quality for an iPod) or my phone to take my little snaps.
9. My Kindle - I forgot to photograph this, silly me. On public transport I like having something to read so my Kindle is a must. I have hundreds of books on mine so I'm never stuck without something to read, my current book of choice is Paper Towns by John Green and I've just finished reading The Running Man by Stephen King which I would definitely recommend.

I love having a nosey in to other people's bags, I like to see what people carry around with them day to day so I really enjoy reading these types of posts. What would you say your handbag essentials are?

Lots of love,


13 Feb 2013

What I've Been Up To #1

Elie Beach; Pretty canvas in our holiday cottage; little present from my mum;
unexpected snow; my sewing machine; yummy ice cream; new tripod; Mum's 50th;
studying with Ginger; lazy night in; starting a new book; pathetic attempt at a jigsaw;
the best e-mail I've ever received & the Dominos to celebrate it!
Hello my lovelies, sorry it's been a bit quiet this weekend but I've been on a lovely little holiday to the seaside. Home now and everything is suddenly coated in very thick snow! I'm going to spend the day browsing Pinterest in bed and possibly baking while wearing my onesie and being sad about going back to school tomorrow. However tomorrow is Valentine's Day which will be nice, we're going through to Edinburgh this weekend to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and I'm very excited! Putting these posts together always make me very hungry... I think it's time to make some lunch.

Lots of love


7 Feb 2013

February Beauty Haul

Rimmel Apocalips in 301 Galaxy £5.99, Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 19 £5.49,
Rimmel Apocalips in 400 Big Bang (3 for 2 in Boots)

Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy (top) and Big Bang (bottom)

Soap and Glory Righteous Butter & Flake Away travel miniatures
and Soap and Glory Hand Maid anti-bacterial hand gel £2.50 each.
(Bought with Boots advantage points, also on 3 for 2 in Boots)

Make Up Academy lipsticks in shade 9 (L) and 7 (R) £1 each

Shade 9 (left) and shade 7 (right)

GOSH 'Effect Powder' (I think these are eyeshadows?) in Greeny and Mink reduced to 49p in Superdrug

Top is Greeny, bottom is Mink

Top to bottom: Rimmel Lasting Finish shade 19, MUA lipstick shade 7, shade 9, Rimmel Apocalips Galaxy, Big Bang
Sorry about these photos, I wasn't using my usual camera! Anyway. Last weekend I had one last shopping trip before my February spending ban and I picked up quite a few beauty related bits and pieces. I also got a lovely pink leather notebook and a navy Topshop shirt for a total bargain of £3 in Oxfam D.I.Y on Byres Road, but I'm hoping to blog about that at a later date!

As you can see, lipsticks are my thing at the moment. Rimmel Apocalips is a product that is aaaall over the beauty blogosphere at the moment so I just had to see if they live up to the hype - long story short they definitely do! They're not perfect, but they are great and I would definitely recommend them. I bought Galaxy, a slightly dark pink/purple colour for daytime, and Big Bang which is a very bright red. These were the only two shades that appealed to me at first so I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer in Boots and picked up another of Rimmel's Kate Moss lipsticks. If you haven't already tried them you're missing out! These are some of the best lipsticks that I've tried and I own multiple shades. The colour and pigmentation is perfect, they feel lovely and moisturising and they have great staying power! Whilst on the subject of lipsticks, I also picked up two by MUA in Superdrug. At only £1 they are a total bargain and well worth it! Obviously at that price they're not going to be perfect but there isn't too much to fault them on apart from staying power. Shade 7 is a lovely coral-y shade which will be lovely for Spring and shade 9 is a pink/brown shade that I wear most days. They're really handy to just throw in your bag!

Aside from lipsticks I also picked up these two little powder things from GOSH as they were reduced to 49p in Superdrug. I've never tried any GOSH cosmetics before and to be honest I had no idea what these are as they are just called 'effect powders' - any ideas? Anyway, I thought they'd make nice eyeshadows for going out as they are nice and glittery with great pigmentation. They're a bit messy to apply but that's not a big con for me - especially when they only cost 49p. I tried to find the original price on the Superdrug website but there is no sign of them or anything similar!

I've had my eye on the Soap & Glory hand gel for a while as I love the trademark S&G scent and while I was looking for it I realised that the travel sized Soap & Glory products were on 3 for 2 so I took the opportunity to try a couple of new things, in the end I used my points to pay so it didn't cost me a thing. The hand gel is your standard anti-bacterial hand gel but replacing the horrible alcohol smell with the lovely Soap & Glory scent. It's now a permanent fixture in my bag! I tend to use Soap & Glory's 'The Scrub of Your Life' as my usual scrub but decided to give Flake Away a try. It's a lot gentler than TSOYL and smells just as nice, but as I've previously mentioned I have really dry skin so like a bit of a rougher scrub. It does leave my skin noticeably softer though! The Righteous Butter is really similar to other Soap & Glory body butters, it's nice and moisturising and sinks in well. My go to moisturiser is actually a prescribed one so it is nice to use one that smells nicer!

Have you picked up any great bargains lately?


5 Feb 2013

This is what makes us girls

Playsuit - local clothes shop (that's the nicest way to put it..)
T-shirt - Primark
Tights - New Look
Boots - New Look
I know it's a bit late to post about Christmas sales, but I realised earlier that I forgot to tell you about these babies. I blogged about these boots back in August when they were first released, but sadly at £70 they were far too much for my little purse. I pined for months until finally they were put in to the sale after Christmas but when I went to find them in the New Look in Glasgow there was no sign! Alas, I gave up. However less than a week later I was shopping in Manchester when I spotted them in the massive New Look in the Arndale. Luckily, the only pair remaining just happened to be in my size! They were reduced to a much kinder £35 and I also had a £10 voucher to spend, finally they're mine. And we both lived happily ever after...

Anyway, fairytale over. I wore this for a lovely lunch date with Amy last Friday to our favourite local cafe (best milkshakes ever) and I'm quite fond of it. I picked up the playsuit in a shop just down the road from me that isn't the classiest of establishments, but sometimes has some bargains in the sale. I did buy it a while ago, but I'm pretty sure it only cost me about £4 and it is a beautiful colour. It's awfully cold still so I paired it with a plain white tee (Hey there, Delilah) underneath and a jumper for going out. Amy and I have just booked our hotel & bus for our little mini-trip to Aberdeen in March for my applicant's day at RGU which is very exciting - road trip! Just practising for the future as she says she'll come and visit me all the time which I will make sure of, Amy. Meanwhile, I have my last prelim tomorrow for higher photography then I'm off on Tuesday (maybe Wednesday too? I should probably check) then back in school for a couple of days before heading off to Elie in Fife for a little holiday with my boyfriend's family. Fingers crossed it stays dry and I can take some nice beachy photos!

3 Feb 2013

My Lush Favourites

1. Popcorn Lip Scrub, 2. Gorgeous Moisturiser (I think this pot is sample sized), 3. Bubblegum Lip Scrub

4. Happy Hippy Shower Gel, 5. Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

6. Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon, 7. Butterball Bath Ballistic, 8. Tiny Hands Hand Serum

9. Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (Christmas Only), 10. Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Christmas only), 11. Rock Star Soap

12. Vanilla Dee-lite Body Lotion, 13. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

14. You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt, 15. The Comforter Bubble Bar

All products linked to their page on the Lush website apart from the Christmas exclusives
Over the festive season my mum and I gathered quite a collection of Lush products between the two of us, with my sale haul and my mum being lucky enough to get the massive Lush Legends box for her birthday. Lucky for me, my mum and I have always ended up sharing all of our Lush products - especially gift boxes - as we each have slightly differing tastes so don't always like everything in each of our boxes. We're very prone to swapping! Anyway, I thought that it was only right I gave you a little insight in to my all time favourite products from Lush!

1. Popcorn Lip Scrub 
I'm obsessed with Lush's lip scrubs, they're super yummy and great at getting rid of dry skin on my forever chapped lips. I got Popcorn in one of the gift boxes I bought in the sale and use it so much! It definitely tastes like buttery popcorn. I personally wouldn't buy one on it's own as I don't feel I can justify spending £6 on this little pot but you definitely get a LOT of use out of the pots. I use Popcorn multiple times a day and I've barely dented the pot.
2. Gorgeous Face Cream
Wow. I did not realise how expensive this moisturiser was! Again, I have a few little pots of this from various gift boxes so have never actually purchased a bigger pot. If it wasn't for the price I would definitely buy myself a pot once my collection runs out but I just cannot even begin to justify that price! It's a slightly heavier formula than I'm used to and I don't love the smell, but it has worked absolute wonders on my normally rather dry skin.
3. Bubblegum Lip Scrub
This is the exact same as the popcorn flavoured scrub in that it is absolutely delicious and works like a dream! This is probably my favourite of the two scrubs but it is really sweet, I know my mum prefers the popcorn one.
4. Happy Hippy Shower Gel
I've noticed lately that there's quite a difference between my shower products and my bath products, basically in my shower I like citrus but in my bath I like sweet, girly scents. Happy Hippy is my absolute favourite shower gel, it smells gorgeous and leaves my skin nice and soft. It's perfect for waking you up in the morning! I first got this in a gift box for my birthday and have repurchased it myself quite a few times since.
5. Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
This. Smells. Like. Heaven. I remember being very intrigued by the shower jellies at Lush but I had never had the chance to try one until my mum got this one in the Lush Legends box. It was love at first scrub! It's a strange experience using a jelly, but I could definitely get used to it. It's really gentle on my skin which I love and the fragrance lasts for ages. I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this when this tub runs out!
6. Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon
I'm a big fan of the Bubbleroons, and I've tried all of them at some point. I think it's safe to say that this is my favourite variation, it smells lovely - kind of like a chocolate orange. You get plenty of use out of these little bars, they're really easy to break in to segments for multiple baths!
7. Butterball Bath Ballistic
I'm not a massive fan of bath bombs, I much prefer bubbles, but I will happily make an exception for this. I adore the lovely vanilla scent and it leaves my skin beautifully soft! It's great for a little treat. I tend to use this with a tiny bit of a bubble bar mixed in for some bubbles too.
8. Tiny Hands Hand Serum
I was a bit perplexed by this at first. It's basically a solid hand lotion, whereas I originally thought it was a soap. After discovering that it wasn't a soap I finally managed to use it properly and loved it! My hands get really dry during the winter months and this is my saviour instead of a greasy lotion.
9. Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
This is my all time favourite bubble bar - sadly it's only around at Christmas! The best way to explain this bubble bar is that it smells like candyfloss. If you saw Katy Perry on her California Dreams Tour it smells like that. I've had so many of these bubble bars over Christmas and I'm down to my last four and trying desperately to make them last! I'm going to be gutted when they're finished, roll on Christmas 2013.
10. Snow Fairy
Snow Fairy is also one of my favourite shower gels (for bath use - it's sweet!) but again it's also only available at Christmas. Snow Fairy is THE Christmas product from Lush and it always sells out so quickly on sale day but it's in most of the Christmas gift boxes too. The smell is hard to describe, but it's very sweet and sugary. I've found that the scent hangs around for ages after the bath so I love to use it before I'm going out.
11. Rock Star Soap
I'm not keen on solid soaps, I find them awkward and they make me very clumsy, but Rock Star soap is different. It's probably the scent, again it's like all of my favourite Lush products in that it smells very sweet. It lathers really well, but sadly it doesn't really moisturise however I don't find it drying either. It's not something I'd purchase for myself but I'm always very happy when it pops up in gift boxes!
12. Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion
I have incredibly dry skin on my arms and legs so I buy a lot of moisturiser and this is one of my firm favourites. Most Lush moisturisers come in pots which I don't really like, but this is one of their lightest moisturisers which apparently merits a bottle - not that I'm complaining. This is definitely a lovely and light moisturiser and it soaks in really well, as well as smelling great which is always a bonus!
13. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
I've only used this a couple of times so far, but I love it. It's like a super moisturising mask for your skin. Like I said before I have issues with dry skin, so so far this has been perfect for me. The only thing I don't like about it is I feel like I'm wasting a lot of it as you wash it off, but that's just my silly perception as it does wonders for my skin.
14. You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt
This has made this list pretty much based on the smell alone. I love mango scented things, despite not being overly keen on the fruit itself. This melt leaves me smelling lovely and my skin nice and smooth. Like the bath bomb I tend to use this with a little bit of bubbles as I find it hard to have a bath without them! It's great for a little treat.
15. The Comforter
Aside from Candy Mountain, this is my favourite bubble bar. For one, it makes the bath pink, which is definitely a bonus in my eyes! It smells gorgeous, the description says blackberry but it reminds me of lollipops that I used to love when I was little! They come in massive chunks but as they're so easy to break up so you can get multiple uses out of one bar. I find that a really small piece gives you plenty of bubbles and colour!

What are your Lush favourites, any recommendations for me to try out? I'm really interested in the fresh face masks, I think I'll have to treat myself to a couple of them next.

2 Feb 2013

My Motel Picks - February 2013

Sleeveless Playsuit in 'Vertical Square' print - £35

Striped crop top - £30

Absolutely adore this colour! Forest green wrap playsuit - £48

Off the shoulder playsuit in 'Oil Painting' print - £38

Another colour I love! Skater skirt in magenta - £25

They're a little bit out there, but I just love how bright they are! High waisted hot pants in 'Kaleidoscope' - £32
I realised recently that I'd been a bit of a bad Street Teamer as I hadn't posted about Motel in a while, so I decided to share some of my favourite pieces that are kicking about on the site at the moment. If you didn't already know you can get 25% off with the code 'coloursandcarousels'! Like I mentioned previously, I've been really disappointed in the shops at the moment as the majority are seriously lacking, but I think I'm just going to have to snap up a few pieces from Motel now that I've had a good browse. There's definitely plenty of colours and prints that I'm loving, saving up for my holiday is going to be difficult when all the SS13 stuff starts trickling in..
What clothes are you loving at the moment? Any must haves for the upcoming months?

Lots of love,

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