Reality is overrated

Shirt – Primark
Skirt – Miss Selfridge
Boots – New Look

A wild outfit post appears. Hello! It’s been an awfully long time since I’ve posted an outfit, and after finally tidying my room this weekend I decided it was time to give my new tripod a spin and snap a couple of photos. Apologies for the terrible lighting. I wore this to go watch my boyfriend’s sister-in-law play Beauty in Sleeping Beauty for panto, it was so good! Otherwise, between studying and school, I’ve been over-obsessively watching House, M.D – hence the title. Desperately in love with Hugh Laurie and I can’t even explain why! He’s a talented man. This week is my last week at school before prelims which will be super fun as ever… It’s also my lovely mummy’s 50th birthday on Thursday so we’re going out for dinner than having a party on Saturday! Super duper excited for that, I do love a good party.

Lots of love,