21 Nov 2012

What I've Been Reading, Watching & Listening To

Hello! Me again, surprise surprise. I'm so busy at the moment but I'm grabbing a quick moment between working on my uni presentation and photography project to write a little post to try and get me back in to the swing of things. I have a list of post ideas that I just need to get photos for that will hopefully manage to take me over the festive season! Since I last posted I finally managed to get a job and am now a sales assistant in Miss Selfridge! I'm so happy I got this and I'm loving it at the moment, even though it's very tiring.
Anyway, on to the real deal.

What I've Been Reading

Cell by Stephen King
It has to be said that Stephen King is my all time favourite author. I blame my mum. Between us we have his entire body of work and I'm slowly making my through all of them. (My favourite so far is 11.22.63 if you were wondering!) Cell is classic King, beautifully written, terrifying and obsessive. I thought it would be your run of the mill zombie apocalypse scenario but it was just so much more. I would seriously recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind a bit of a fright and wants a decent read.
Other Stephen King books I would recommend include Carrie, The Shining, The Stand, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, Under The Dome (think The Simpsons movie but gorier), The Mist and The Tommyknockers.

What I've Been Listening To

I didn't originally think this would be an album I would like, but after the insanely catchy We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (like, ever) I decided to give it a chance. I'm not going to lie I don't love the entire album but I just can't stop listening to three songs in particular - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble and Starlight.

What I've Been Watching

Let's be honest, not many people haven't been watching Skyfall. I am one of the millions who loved this film, however I really didn't expect it to be as long! Daniel Craig is gorgeous although looking a bit rough in this and Judi Dench is as amazing as ever. This film was - to use one of my least favourite phrases - a total rollercoaster of emotions and I would seriously recommend you go see it as soon as possible if you haven't already! Possibly one of my favourite Bond films. (Out of the whole four I've actually seen the whole way through...)

That's just a little glimpse of what I've been doing lately, I've also been watching Katy Perry: Part Of Me pretty much every night a hell of a lot. My brand new Unlimited Premium card came through this week and I'm hoping to go see a few films this week - on my list are Silver Linings and Breaking Dawn. Woooo I'm so happy I finally posted again!

Lots of love


8 Nov 2012

Still here

Hello again! Just thought I'd pop in with a little update on what I've been up to lately. Most exciting for me was visiting Aberdeen to go to the Robert Gordon University open day and absolutely falling in love with the place. Before I visited I was quite worried about moving away for uni, but now I've seen the place and learned a bit more about the course I'll hopefully be doing (Fashion Management) I can't wait to be there. Exciting stuff! It really is a lovely city, slightly chilly, but lovely all the same.
Apart from that school work is ever consuming. Got a big presentation for uni coming up and still need to finish my photography project - Christmas is creeping up. My RMPS class went to visit a beautiful Buddhist monastery in Dumfries which was a rather odd thing to see in the middle of the Scottish countryside. Interesting to get a glimpse of how Buddhists live.
I'm being a total book geek as usual and right now I'm in one of my Stephen King phases. King is probably my favourite author and Cell was an absolutely amazing book. I'm constantly in awe of King's writing and Cell was no exception, I'd would definitely recommend reading it if you get the chance! There is a film adaptation due out in the next couple of years.
I've been trying to get decent photos for blogging properly but at this time of year the light just goes so quickly and the days themselves are rather dull. I'm trying my best, meanwhile I'm always lurking reading everyone's blogs - so please leave links for me!

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