31 Aug 2012

The Mirrorball Collection

So by now I'm sure you've seen plenty of pictures of Models Own's newest collection, but I just couldn't resist blogging about these sparkly beauties. The Mirrorball collection is made up of five glitter polishes, those five being:
Disco Inferno (gold) - I think this looks quite like the Disco Heaven polish that feautured in the Hedkandi collection, but I think the glitter is a bit chunkier than Disco Heaven. Personally, I don't think I'll buy this one because I already own the Hedkandi equivalent but I do love a gold glitter.
Hot Stuff (pink) - This is one of the polishes that I think I might buy, I only have pale pink glitter (also Models Own - bit of a trend here...) but I do love this hot pink! The description claims that there is gold in there too, but I don't think that's very clear from the picture.
Freak Out (blue) - I do like this polish, but I think it's very similar to Disco Mix, again like Disco Inferno vs Disco Heaven but with chunkier glitter. Disco Mix is probably one of my all time favourite nail polishes, so I might actually buy this to see how it shapes up!
Dancing Queen (green) - Now this is the only one in the collection that I know I will definitely buy. I love green and have been on the look out for a lovely green glitter polish so I think this will be perfect! I love the combination of the green, blue and flecks of gold.
Boogie Nights (purple) - Like Freak Out, I think that Boogie Nights is a dead ringer for Disco Mix. The colour combination is pretty much identical! Again, I might buy this to see how it compares.

The Mirrorball Collection launches at the Bottleshop in Westfield Shopping Centre on the 6th of September, online on the Models Own website on the 10th and in Boots stores across the UK on the 3rd of October. They will be £5 each, or a bargain of £20 for the set!

29 Aug 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #2

iPad - blazer - green nail polish - blue nail polish
boots - shorts - ring
A slightly pricier total for my wishlist this week, pretty much all down to the iPad. I've loved the iPad from afar for a while now and I've finally decided to take the plunge and start saving. My little netbook is on it's last legs and it'd be handy to have something portable to ease the load slightly. I'm slightly tempted by other tablets on offer right now, such as the new Nexus tablet by Google, and I would be seriously grateful if you have any recommendations on the subject!
Anyway, on to the slightly less expensive objects. I'm starting to move in to autumn/winter mode now that the weather has taken a pretty much definite turn for the worse (I'm barely out of my onesie) and boots are an essential part of my late year wardrobe. My flatform obsession is continuing, and I've had my eye on these ASOS boots for a while. I can't quite decide between black and burgundy, but I think black would get a bit more wear and be more suitable for school. Can someone just bring out flatform wellies please? The Scottish public would thank you greatly. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm loving purple right now. These shorts are a gorgeous colour and I love the cute scallop detailing around the waist! I didn't intend to match them with the blazer, however they do go quite well and the gorgeous colours would inject a little bit of sunshine in to my dreary days. As per usual what wishlist is complete without something cat related and some nail polish... I spotted this ring in Topshop the other day and begrudgingly put it back however I'm pretty sure it will make it's way in to my jewellery box at some point soon. I'm not majorly keen on Louise Gray's clothing collection for Topshop however the make up is to die for! On Saturday Amy and I spent a good while gazing at the lovely collection of super glittery polishes which will DEFINITELY be joining my collection asap!


27 Aug 2012

It starts in the theater, a night of encounters

Nail polish L-R: Primark £2.50, Miss Sporty £1.99 (pink here)
Collar Studs - Primark £1.50
Notebook - WH Smith £6
Bag - ASOS £18 (reduced from £30)
Been treating myself to a few little things lately, mostly food.. mostly Thorton's fudge, but these are my non-edible purchases! I'd been after this bag for quite a while and when I realised it was on sale I just had to have it. At first I wanted it in the black but for some reason I'm trying to stay away from black right now and I think I made the right choice, this nude colour is gorgeous. I'd actually ordered some collar tips from eBay earlier in the week but when I found these in Primark I just had to have them, I'm really in to collars and collar tips at the moment because I feel they just add a little something extra to an outfit! The notebook was a little 'treat' for starting my uni course, but really I just can't resist pretty stationery, I love the colours and feel of this little notebook. Can't bring myself to write in it quite yet though! Another thing (apart from fudge) that I can't stop buying lately is nail polish, even though my collection is already massive... I'm thinking about investing in some proper storage for them. For some reason I didn't have a green polish despite it being one of my favourite colours so I got this cheap one from Miss Sporty, and decided on the pink too as it was 2 for £3. The 'Angelica' polish is from Primark and I thought it looked like a pretty good dupe of Models Own Indian Ocean which I've been after for a while so I decided to pick this one up to see if it's any good! Will post when I get round to trying it out.
Right now I'm watching my all time favourite band at Reading - that isn't S Club 7 - Foo Fighters! I think I might schedule this post for tomorrow though, as I've already blogged today... Inner ramblings. Hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and you aren't dreading back to normality tomorrow!


26 Aug 2012

Say my name, and every colour illuminates

Denim shirt - vintage
T-shirt - H&M
Skirt - Topshop
Necklace - New Look
Shoes - Office
Nails - Miss Sporty (can't find exact shades)
Cat - model's own
Looking short and stumpy as ever! Yesterday I was popping in to town with Amy and decided it was the perfect opportunity to make (kindly ask) her take my outfit photos, as I'm a bit fed up of any I've taken myself at the moment. I ended up taking the denim shirt off because it was roasting after wandering about for a while, but as soon as I did the heavens opened and I got absolutely soaked!
Was a bit disappointed in the shops today, but picked up a couple of little things from Primark and I've got my eye on a few things for later in the year. I've officially accepted that summer is over and put away all of my summer-only clothes to make room for cosy jumpers and other autumn/winter items. This season I am absolutely loving purple for some reason, and my annual leopard print obsession has returned too. Right now I have my eye on this dressthis skirt and this cardigan which will all hopefully be making their way in to my wardrobe over the coming months!
In other news, I'm currently on a major job hunt. I'm waiting to hear back from a few places that I would absolutely love to work in, but I'm not convinced it will work out :( It's so difficult to get anything these days.
Hope everyone is enjoying the (English) bank holiday weekend and I'm incredibly jealous of anyone at Reading and Leeds!

P.S - Isn't my cat gorgeous? He's the older of my two and a massive softie, I love him to pieces!


24 Aug 2012

Maybe I Like This Rollercoaster, Maybe It Keeps Me High

Pictures via H&M

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite snaps from Lana Del Rey's Autumn/Winter '12 campaign for H&M. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Lana's music but I'm not really convinced modelling is her forte - however I adore the first photo. She's one pretty lady, but sometimes her beauty doesn't really come across in photographs. The collection itself is a bit disappointing, there's a lot of pastels which I don't really see as working well for my in the AW months, but I do love the printed trousers in the first shot and the top in the last.
As I mentioned in my last post I had my first ever university induction for my day release course at Glasgow Caledonian Univeristy and it was seriously amazing. I'm doing Fashion Brand Retailing and I'm ridiculously excited to start the course, I get to work with Urban Outfitters! Basically, this is the perfect course for me and I know that this is definitely what I want to do. Apart from university, I finally made my own eBay account after hogging my mum's for a very long time and I'm already prepared to drop a very large amount of money on quite a lot of things... *sigh* I hope it crashes before I spend!
Not got a whole lot planned this weekend, just relaxing after my first full week back at school and probably some jewellery making - lots of Christmas fairs coming up soon! Christmas starts in July in the crafting world...


22 Aug 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #1

Bit of a mixed wishlist this week, but some very girly stuff in there as usual! Minus the flatforms, they hardly qualify as girly... I ordered these from Next which I can't wait to get, but these studded ones are a total bargain and would be perfect for a night out or even day to day wear. I actually just ordered the clutch because I've been lusting after it for months and it's finally in the sale (reduced from £30 to £18!) so hopefully it'll be here to show off soon. I'm also loving this raspberry satchel from Mozzypop, which will be perfect for university (eee!) and school which is pretty much all I look for in a bag, plus the colour is gorgeous. Right now I'm slightly obsessed with shirts (and collars) so the shirt and the collar tips from Topshop are definitely on my to-buy list, who can resist ice cream print?! And what would one of my wishlists be without a Models Own nail polish in a beautiful shade...
Today I'm going to my first ever university induction for my day release course - Fashion Brand Retailing - which I'm ridiculously excited to start! I'm hoping that it will just confirm what I want to do at university, or maybe the total opposite...


20 Aug 2012

Mallzee.com - Making Shopping Social

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Mallzee about their brand new website, Mallzee.com. The basic idea of the website is shopping - which is always something that appeals to me - but it's more than that.  After joining Mallzee, you can create your own personal 'mall' by picking your favourite shops and brands, then Mallzee will also recommend products based on your personal style within your mall.
Once you have created your dream mall you can share it with your friends through Facebook integration, as well as sending them products that you think they'll love! Some of the products available through Mallzee will even be offered at a discounted rate, only available through the site. If you're not sure if you should buy or not you can easily create polls to gather opinions before you spend, which I personally think I'll find very useful to help tone down my spending ways! Yet another bonus to using Mallzee is that you can earn money if your friends buy through your shops, the perfect way to earn money to spend on even more clothes...
Mallzee have over 200 brands signed up to this unique shopping platform, including Urban Outfitters, Office, New Look and FeelUnique. The website isn't set to launch until later this year, but you can register for an invite to the launch on the website and you can also enter in to a prize draw to be in with a chance of winning £100 (or $155) of shopping vouchers and some other goodies.

Personally, I am really looking forward to using this site especially considering some of my favourite shops will be involved. The concept is definitely something that appeals to me and I think it's a fantastic way to use social networking within online retail, to quote Mean Girls: "You wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you, right?"


17 Aug 2012

My nail polish essentials

L-R: Models Own Disco Heaven - £5; Rimmel London Sky High - £4.99; Leighton Denny Supermodel - free in magazine RRP £11; Models Own Disco Mix -£5
Above: Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover - £4.99
Whilst finally tidying the pit that is my room I sorted out my ever growing nail polish collection into some proper(ish) storage and decided to do a quick little post on my favourite nail polishes. I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to nail polish - especially if they're turquoise - but my all time favourite brand is Models Own. They're seriously the best quality high street nail polishes I've ever used and my collection is currently edging towards 20. The two glitters (Disco Mix and Disco Heaven) are gorgeous colours and I always get loads of compliments when wearing them. The Leighton Denny colour is the perfect nude and seriously matches anything. In total I have upwards of 10 varying shades of turquoise nail polish but Rimmel London makes my all time favourite, I've already repurchased this colour twice and it's definitely my go to if I can't decide!
The Bourjois Magic remover is a bit of a must have for me, it's really made doing my nails so much easier and it smells super yummy when dry. It takes a bit longer to get glitter nail polishes off, but it's definitely quicker than the cotton pad method, I've been recommending this product to pretty much all of my friends!
So, that's just my quick little post on my ever-growing collection. What's your essential nail polish?

15 Aug 2012

My first Mac purchases

Mac eyeshadow in Bronze - £12
Matte finish lipstick in Viva Glam III - £14
So, I was lucky enough to receive a Mac gift voucher for my birthday and after lusting over their range for months I decided it was probably about time I invested! I chose the lipstick after testing pretty much every one they had trying to find a slightly darker shade than my favourite lipstick that I actually got free in a magazine years ago, it's a kind of mix between red and purple, lingering slightly towards brown. It's perfect for day wear but works well at night too. The eyeshadow is a gorgeous golden brown and perfectly pigmented. Like the lipstick it works well either during the day or at night, but I prefer to wear it if I'm dressing up as I like a reasonably plain face during the day. However the girl who served me in Mac wasn't the nicest of sales assistants and was seriously rushing me! So far I'm pretty impressed with both of these products and probably will buy more, I had been intending to buy at least the lipstick anyway so it was just pure luck that I happened to get the voucher literally the night before I was going to go buy it!

13 Aug 2012

Crashing from the high

Just a few little snaps from my recent trip to Troon this time! Apologies in advance, but this will be a pretty text heavy post.
So, my summer is coming to an end and I start my final year of school on Thursday. The past week has been super duper busy, lots of days out and exciting things happening! Last Tuesday was the dreaded results day and I am VERY happy to be able to say that I got AAAA! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I had a pretty hard year and spent the majority of it in hospital and was told to leave school for a year because of those health issues, so I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that my hard work and stress paid off. It may sound cheesy, but it makes me feel like that whole horrible year was worth it and I can now move on.
After getting my results I spent a fair amount of time dining out, I had a lovely DiMaggio's in Royal Exchange Square on the Tuesday and then spent the day in Stirling on Wednesday before having a fantastic meal at the Boathouse in Auchinstarry - seriously recommend if you are in the Kilsyth area! On Thursday I took a trip down to Troon with the boyf and had an absolutely amazing meal at Scott's in the harbour. The view was perfect and the food was to die for!
Right now I'm preparing to go back to school - sigh. I've got basically everything sorted so not much to worry about, and with my good results I should hopefully have a slightly easier year ahead of me. Tomorrow (or today depending on when I decide to post this) I'm finally taking the plunge and going back to my natural blonde. I've been saying I'll go back to blonde for a while now and I'm starting to get nervous!
In between my day trips and eating I've been absolutely gutting my room and I'm furious at the amount of money I've wasted on clothes that I never wore, so right now I'm on a spending ban to help me save for more 'grown up' purchases such as a driving lessons and hopefully a car! If I have time I'll put up a link to my friendlyfashion.co.uk where I'll be putting up the better pieces of my stash.

Anyway, I'm off to work on some more posts and stress about my hair!


4 Aug 2012

Let me have it, let me grab your soul away

L-R - Hedkandi Disco Heaven, Pink Fizz, Sophie's Pink, Disco Mix and Purple Smash-Up 

Amazon Kindle and Cath Kidston case from my parents

Two of my favourite perfumes - Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna from my parents and Meow by Katy Perry from my boyfriend

Soap & Glory perfume from my friends (along with the Models Own nail polish and a subscription to Company)

Thomas Sabo charm from my boyfriend

Pink Links Friendship bracelet from my Gran

River Island watch and silver charm bracelet from my boyfriend
I think it's safe to say I was a very lucky girl this year, I'm always so grateful for all the presents I recieve and I love that my friends and family seem to know me so well when it comes to shopping! I actually got my Kindle back in June so that I had it to take on holiday and I'm obsessed with it, I've always been a bit of a bookworm and this nifty little gadget makes it so much easier to read on the go! It will never replace real books for me, but I would seriously recommend buying one if you're in to reading. Amongst this I also got lots of yummy bath stuff, money and chocolate but to be honest most of that has been used or eaten by now!


2 Aug 2012

Drinking cherry schnapps in the velvet night

dress - H&M
shoes/tights - Primark
bracelet - Links of London
So, my birthday celebrations are over for another year! :( This is what I wore on my actual birthday when going to the cinema to see Magic Mike with friends - weird film, not what I expected at all. As usual I had a great day and a lovely dinner in the evening.
Last night I got home from a lovely few days shopping in Manchester with my boyfriend. Manchester is my favourite place to shop, mostly due to Affleck's Palace and the massive Primark... Typically I spent lots of money on lots of clothes and managed to pick up a few things from the wishlist in my last post!
This is just a quick little outfit post, today I'm planning on unpacking, photographing for a couple of posts and then going out on my bike - the diet starts now! Well, as soon as I finish this cupcake sitting in front of me..
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