27 Apr 2012

Dream Summer Wardrobe/Exam time

all images via Pinterest
Been doing a lot of browsing and not a lot of posting lately! My current haunts seem to be Tumblr and Pinterest which isn't really a good thing considering my exams start in about 20 days - ahhhh. This will probably be one of my last posts for about a month or so because of said exams, then my dad's taking me to Berlin for a week! So excited, I've always wanted to go to Berlin. Anyway, seeing as we're getting ever closer to summer I'm definitely drawn to very summery clothes and have done a spot of shopping. I'm considering investing in a crop top, but I think that requires a lot of diet and exercise first! This year I really want to be very girly and floaty, right now I'm loving maxi skirts which aren't usually something I'd consider. Waiting to sell my camera before I do any serious shopping, but I'm saving for a new phone first too.
Anyway, I'm off to enjoy my friday night with The Tourist on DVD and cuddles with the cats in bed! Be back in June :)

10 Apr 2012

What I Wore - Bring Me Sunshine

Dress - Primark (£6!)
Why must my arms be so pale :( Ahh Scottish weather. The gorgeous sunshine was great while it lasted but back to pouring rain again! This dress was a total bargain and I'm in love with it, can't wait to wear it in better weather. I think I'll go back to Primark and pick it up in other colours, it's perfect for summer.
Sorry I vanished for a while, exams are totally taking over at the moment so it's going to be a bit empty here for a while. I've been pretty busy lately, I just got back from Manchester on Sunday which was lovely as usual. Spent too much money, typical me. Will post about them soon! I'll hopefully get some stuff written up this week while I enjoy the rest of my break from school, homework permitting. Got lots of plans for this week but should still have a bit of time to get back in to blogging a bit before exams properly start, less than a month away now, ahhh!
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