16 Dec 2012

You look at me, it's like you hit me with lightning

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Christmas has made life pretty hectic right now, but this weekend was my first free weekend in over a month so I've just spent some time relaxing. I'm starting to slowly get excited for the upcoming festivities but I'm also dreading working the sales for the first time...
Between work and school, I've been spending a lot of time working on photography. Mostly because I finally handed in my research project so I've fallen in love with it all over again as it's less of a chore. I decided to start a 365 Project to encourage myself to take more photos, I'd love it if you took a peek! If any of you are signed up let me know, I love a nosey.
Last Thursday I went to see Ellie Goulding for the second time and she was fantastic as ever, as were the support band - Sons & Lovers - were also amazing. Really want to go see them again! If you didn't already know, I made this blog during a bit of an Ellie Goulding obsession and the name 'colours and carousels' comes from her song Starry Eyed! This Thursday it's my last ever Christmas dance at school which is making me a tiny bit sad, it's one of my favourite annual events. Mostly due to the fact that I get to buy a new dress... So expect some pictures next weekend! Next Sunday is my Christmas Night Out with my friends which I'm really looking forward to; ice skating in George Square and a nice dinner out!

I was devastated to hear about the shooting in Connecticut and my heart goes out to the families involved. xo

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  1. I have the same little present decorations :) x


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