2 Dec 2012

The whole place was dressed to the nines

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Emma (on left) is wearing a Hollister dress & Catriona's (on right) is Primark

I mentioned a while ago that I would eventually get round to posting some of the work for my photography project on here - that day has finally arrived! These are a few of the photos taken from my first photo shoot for the project and I'm really happy with how they turned out in the end. How pretty are my friends? Massive thank you to Emma & Catriona for standing out in the freezing cold for me! I'm happy to finally get some photos taken as things kept getting in the way, but now I'm on a bit of a roll with work and finally starting to get on top of it all. Already roughly planning my next photo shoot which will involve many more layers!
It's starting to get super chilly and dark really early these days, but I'm hoping as it gets closer to Christmas I'll have a bit more free time to post. I'm still lurking around reading everyone's posts so pretty please link your blog for me to check out!

Lots of love,



  1. Gorgeous photos, you both look beautiful xx


  2. Stunning photos in a beautiful setting. Must have been cold though! Want both of those dresses now Xx

  3. Wow they must be freezing, great pics though x

  4. Awesome pictures, loving the dresses, especially the pink one! :) x


  5. I love to wear pink color dresses and like very much the pink dress of Emma. Both of you look pretty, nice to see. Thanks for sharing beautiful photos.


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